Top 10 Best Apps for Jailbroken Firestick Live TV

Isn’t it hard when you have to pay a hefty subscription fee just to be able to watch one of your favorite shows? Not only does it put a dent in your bank account, but the process is quite disappointing too. Insert, Firestick. This device has gained a lot of name and goodwill from its customers. Wondering why? Well, the users say that it is the versatility of this device that gives it the kind of popularity that it has.

However, despite gaining such global-scale popularity, the platform is still pretty lagging when it comes to providing access to free content. This is where the jailbroken Firestick comes into play. Not only does it provide users access to unlimited content, but it also allows users to get it all for free, without needing to pay an extra price for the same.

In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about jailbroken Firestick and some of the best apps for jailbroke firestick.

Jailbroken Firestick – What does it Entail?

The primary definition of jailbreaking means bypassing any kinds of imposed restrictions in a device or service that are done by the developer. Doing so enables the users to access several third-party apps and then access the restricted or payable content from there.

However, when we are discussing a jailbroken firestick, the terminology is a bit different. Instead of using measures to jailbreak the device, for a Firestick, a simple change in the configuration is enough of a trigger to enable the download or accessing of the apps to enjoy entertainment in full gear.

So, unlike other cases of jailbreaking, doing so with the Firestick means that you won’t have to repent the process later because it ended up revoking the 1-year warranty. After all, that isn’t the case with this one.

What is the significance of Jailbroke Firestick apps?

Well, free subscription.

That is the easiest answer that we could give you. Every app, especially the entertainment applications that are available in the market now is chargeable and the monthly subscription fee is not something everyone can afford or even want to pay.

Having access to these jailbroken Firestick applications enable the users to:

  • Enjoy live TV
  • Watch and stream web series
  • Watch favorite movies
  • Engage with kid’s shows, and a lot more

But, that is not all. A user can do all of the above activities without needing to worry about paying an extra amount to the cause. Everything is available free of charge.

What are the top apps for Jailbroken Firestick?

Now that you have a basic idea of jailbreaking and firestick, here’s a quick rundown of the best apps you can look into.

  1. Express VPN

More often than once we have been in a situation where we want to watch specific content on the internet, only to find it restricted, illegal, or unavailable. With the standard Firestick, Amazon does block out a few apps that aren’t legalized under the country’s law.

Express VPN helps bypass all these restrictions and is natively available too. You can find it in the Amazon app store. However, using this VPN app can be a little tricky, so make sure you learn how to access it and then watch the content that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

2. Cinema HD

As the name suggests, this app is for movie buffs. The app is one of the most organized applications that you will come across, thanks to the daily updates and even better user interface. The good thing about this app is the list of categories. Everything is sorted out for you, making it a lot easier for you to access the content without having to look for it for hours.

The app doesn’t require registration but it offers to assort your favorite movies, history, and other personal details when you have an account.

3. Downloader

When you are using a jailbroke Firestick, it is a given that you need help from a third-party application that supports the downloading process of the varying APKs to your device. Downloader helps out with just that and more. This is an entirely free application with an interactive UI that makes it easier for you to access the content without any further complications.

The process of using this app is very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned:

  • Start by opening the Downloader App
  • Once in, browse to the website address and then download the specific APK file in question
  • Install the app in the jailbroken Firestick 
  • Use it as per requirements

Once the installation process is done, delete the APK file to free up the extra storage capacity so you can download other apps as needed.

4. Stremio

On-demand video streaming is today’s thing. This means that if you are here struggling to make the most out of the situation with the varying streaming platforms because of how expensive they are, Stremio can make the process easier for you. This is an extremely versatile platform, offering a host of amazing content in varying categories that you can watch.

This works better with registration because then you can manage your account, save your favorite watches and then look back into the history if you wish to rewatch something.

5. Cyberflix TV

Much like Stremio, Cyberflix TV is another on-demand video streaming platform that you can consider looking into. This is designed and developed specifically for Firestick, so it works equally well in jailbroken Firestick too. The content available on this platform is quite diverse, meaning that you can watch any and every kind of show that your heart desires. From the staple TV shows to the web series and documentaries, the platform has it all.

If you have used the Terrarium TV app before, this platform is a lot similar to that. However, unlike Terrarium, this is a 100% ad-free platform, so you won’t be bugged with pop-up ads every few seconds which tend to affect the viewing experience of the users. Also, you get built-in subtitle support with this, which is quite rare too.

6. Kodi

If we had to mention one app that works seamlessly and like a dream with the jailbroken Firestick, this has to be it. From live TV and live sports to kid’s content, this platform provides the users access to almost every kind of content that they can think of. However, as good as this platform is, the only downside is the fact that it’s extremely complicated to use.

Unlike the other staple applications that you come across, this one is a bit different. Typically, it doesn’t come in the apk format and instead, you have to rely on third-party add-ons to be able to enjoy your favorite shows on this platform. You do have to learn and unlearn the process better to be able to use them.

7. Tea TV

Although quite underrated, Tea TV is quite a useful streaming platform and app that you can use in jailbroken Firestick. It is a third-party streaming service that provides the user’s access to a host of movies, entertainment, and even TV shows for that matter. The app has a very well-designed user interface with a simple navigable platform that makes it accessible to every user in need.

The good thing that makes this platform a superior choice among users is its updates. Despite being a free platform, it offers a host of daily updates to the content, which is quite promising. You can also watch their content offline, which is another benefit.

8. Bee TV

While we are on the topic of discussing potent TV and entertainment streaming platforms, Bee TV is an option we can’t skip out on. The platform has gained immense popularity over years, enabling users to access their favorite content via jailbroken Firestick without any complications at all.

Every category and content on this platform is updated regularly, ensuring that the users won’t have to be stuck watching the same two TV shows every week. Also, almost every show, movie, and content available on this platform is available in HD format, which means that you won’t have to worry about the quality of the shows you are watching on the platform.

One unique feature in this is the “special request” function that allows you to request specific content and the same is added to the top of the navigation list.

9. HD Streamz

As the name suggests, HD Streamz is another app that allows free streaming of varying types of content, including movies, TV shows, and even documentaries and live TV, if needed. Every last bit of content available on this platform is in HD, so you won’t have to compromise on the quality of the shows you are watching. Also, the diversity of this platform allows you to watch your favorite shows from different regions, including Canada, Europe, and the even UK.

While all of these features can sound promising, it comes with its fair share of downsides too. The most common issue is the user interface. It has a very outdated interface that you’d need quite some time to navigate through. So, that is something you need to be mindful of.

10. Rokkr

If you haven’t heard of Rokkr before, it is time you familiarize yourself now. While we are on the topic of discussing apps for jailbroken Firestick, we knew we had to include this one. It enhances your Firestick streaming experience and elevates it to the next level. The platform is a lot similar to Kodi. This means that it doesn’t come with pre-conceived content on the platform. You need to access the same using definitive links.

However, the platform has a very organized approach to it, which means that you won’t have to compromise when it comes to the overall user interface, which is always a promising thing.

Is using apps on Jailbroken Firestick legal?

Yes, despite what you might think, using jailbroke firestick is completely legal. The main reason why that is the case is that there are no changes to the system code in the process. This means that the users aren’t necessarily consuming illegal content. So, you don’t have to be worried about the same at all.

If you have managed to snag in a jailbroken firestick but you are still stuck using the limited app options on Amazon, we have some good news for you. It is time to bring in those changes and switch to using these apps like we have sorted out for you in this article. Always make sure that you focus on getting the best quality apps for the device instead of the ones that aren’t of any use.

In case you have issues with any of the apps or you want to know more about the list of available applications, leave us a line and we would love to help you out further.


What kind of content is accessible via jailbroke Firestick?

Depending on the app that you are downloading, there are a host of available options that you can watch. You can watch TV shows, movies and even documentaries and kid shows for that matter. Anything that you would have watched on the standard Firestick can be watched in the jailbroken variant too.

Can a jailbroken firestick be traced?

Be assured that you won’t be traced. This is the beauty of this device. Despite what you do, you can remain inconspicuous without any complications at all. If you are buying a jailbroken firestick from the market, the extent of the information available would be your name and address. And, most of the time, that isn’t used by anyone in the scene.

Can you access Netflix for free via jailbroken Firestick?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. If you have a vendor come up to you and say that they would be offering a free Netflix subscription with the jailbroken Firestick, they are simply bluffing you. Make sure that you avoid falling prey to such situations. 

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