Bitcoin Bloodbath: Miners sell the most in 7 years

Bitcoin Bloodbath

Bitcoin miners are upset about the recent price drop. They have to sell because they can’t afford to keep up with their current lifestyle. Recent Released: Lupita Nyong’o’s underwater training for ‘Wakanda Forever’ Bitcoin (BTC) miners have increased their selling pressure by 400% over the past three weeks. Nearly seven years have passed since this … Read more

Futures Data Suggests Big Bitcoin (BTC) Move

Big Bitcoin

There is a flurry of recent activity in Big Bitcoin futures, which may imply investors are looking to hedge their bets. Since the macro scene is currently experiencing considerable volatility, this is understandable. Recent Released: As Fed Hints at 0.75% Rate Hike, Another Crypto Crash in November? There appears to be a heightened sense of … Read more