Pursuing Education Through Owwa Scholarship

OWWA Scholarship Introduction

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) offers various OWWA scholarship programs to support the education of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families. As the lead government agency tasked to protect and promote the welfare and well-being of OFWs, OWWA provides scholarship grants to qualified dependents and siblings of OFWs who are active OWWA members.

Eligibility For OWWA Scholarships

To be eligible for OWWA scholarship, the applicant must be a dependent of a registered OFW who is an active OWWA member. Dependents refer to the legal spouse or child, not over 21 years old, of an unmarried or legally separated OFW. For single or non-married OFWs, their qualified sibling, who should not be over 21 years old, can apply for the scholarship program.

The OFW parent or sibling should have paid at least US$100 to the OWWA Medicare program. Applicants should also comply with admission requirements of their chosen university or college. They should not hold other scholarship grants. Their annual family income should also not exceed Php 500,000.

OWWA Education For Development Scholarship Program (OEDSP)

The OEDSP scholarship is awarded from high school until college graduation. Grantees are entitled up to Php 60,000 per school year. Qualified applicants are ranked based on their scores in the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) national competitive exam. OEDSP has limited slots intended for the top 400 passers who wish to enroll in priority courses in partner state universities and colleges (SUCs).

How To Apply Owwa Scholarships

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Determine if you or your parents meet the eligibility criteria set for each scholarship program. For example, the OEDSP scholarship requires applicants to be unmarried and not older than 21 years old. Their parent-OFW must also be an active OWWA member who paid at least $100 to the OWWA Medicare Fund.

Step 2: Prepare Requirements

Gather the documentary requirements. Common requirements include ID pictures, birth certificates, proof of OWWA membership, proofs of income, and other relevant documents that establish identity, residency, relationship to OFW, and financial need.

Step 3: Secure Application Forms

Get the prescribed application forms online or from the nearest OWWA Regional Welfare Office. Accurately fill out the form. Provide true and updated information.

Step 4: Take Qualifying Exams

For programs like OEDSP, applicants undergo qualifying exams conducted by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST). Examinees are ranked based on their test scores.

Step 5: Submit Application

Submit the application form and documentary requirements on or before the set deadlines. For online applications, upload scanned documents. Applications are submitted to the OWWA Regional Welfare Office or authorized online portal.

Step 6: Wait for Results

Wait for the notification from OWWA regarding the status of your applications. Prepare for further evaluation or interviews as required in the selection process.

Applying for an OWWA scholarship entails effort in gathering documents and undergoing examinations and evaluations. Be guided accordingly by OWWA’s criteria and application process for each type of educational assistance program.

Application Process And Requirements

Interested applicants must prepare the documentary requirements and accomplish application forms prescribed by OWWA regional offices. Applicants must submit documents that prove their identity, residency, OFW membership status, household income, and admissibility to chosen college institutions.

Applicants will undergo evaluation and must pass the qualifying exam to get the OWWA scholarship grant. Selection is highly competitive especially for programs with limited slots. OWWA prioritizes slots for STEM courses.

To retain the scholarship, grantees must maintain a general weighted average grade not lower than 85% every semester. They must also comply with service requirements if applicable.


OWWA scholarship serve as a ladder for OFW families towards gaining quality education and skills needed in the future world of work. These education assistance programs also honor the sacrifices of Filipino migrant workers abroad. Interested applicants should inquire at OWWA regional offices for availability of slots, updated documentary requirements, and application schedule.

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