Lyta Net Worth 2023 Biography, Age, Life, Singer, And More

Lyta Introduction

Lyta has become one of the biggest breakout stars in the Nigerian music scene over the past few years. With hit singles like “Time” and “Monalisa” under his belt, Lyta has quickly amassed fame and success. But how much is the talented Nigerian artist really worth?

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Date of Birth:4th July 1998
Age:24 Years as of May 2023
Religion:Islamic (Muslim)
State of Origin:Kwara State
Occupation:singer, stage performer, and songwriter.
State of Residence:Ajegunle Lagos State, Nigeria

Lyta Early Life

Lyta Net Worth 2023 Lawal Raheem, known professionally as Lyta, was born on July 4, 1998 in Ajegunle, Lagos State, Nigeria. Ajegunle is a low-income area, but it has a thriving music scene that nurtured Lyta’s interest in music from a young age.

Lyta first stepped into the spotlight at age 13 when he began performing at local shows in Ajegunle. He quickly gained attention for his raw talent and versatility as he tackled different music genres with ease during local freestyle sessions.

Getting Noticed By Olamide

In 2018, Lyta’s big break came when he was signed to YBNL Nation, the record label owned by famed Nigerian rapper Olamide. Under YBNL, Lyta released his first official single “Time” which showcased his signature afro-fusion sound and smooth vocals.

“Time” was a smash hit, getting airplay across Nigeria. The song’s remix featuring Olamide himself cemented Lyta status as Nigeria’s next big afrobeats star. Lyta followed up with more successful singles like “Monalisa” and “Selfmade”, attracting millions of streams online.

Lyta is a rising Nigerian afrobeats singer who has quickly made a name for himself in the country’s bustling music industry. With his signature vocal style and knack for catchy melodies, Lyta has become one of the most sought-after artists in Nigeria today.

Lyta Career

Getting His Start in Ajegunle

Lyta Net Worth 2023 was born Lawal Raheem on July 4, 1998 in the Ajegunle neighborhood of Lagos, Nigeria. Ajegunle is known as a hub for nurturing homegrown musical talents, and it’s where Lyta first dipped his toes into music as a teenager.

He started gaining attention in local freestyle sessions where he showed versatility tackling different genres with raw talent. Lyta scored his first big break when Nigerian star rapper Olamide signed the promising young singer to his label YBNL Nation in 2018.

Breakout Success At YBNL Nation

Under the mentorship of Olamide, Lyta released his debut single “Time” in 2018 – an infectious afro-fusion track highlighting his smooth vocals. “Time” exploded into a national hit across Nigeria, instantly putting Lyta on the map.

He followed up with well-received singles like “Monalisa” and “Self Made” while under YBNL Nation. Lyta music tapped into the rising prominence of the alte subculture in Nigerian pop, earning him a dedicated young fanbase.

lyta Personal Life

As a teen, he joined the Ile Kewu music group at his local mosque to hone his vocal skills during their rehearsal sessions. Bitten by the performance bug early on, Lyta set out to make a name for himself in Nigeria’s bustling music scene.

Lyta Core Team

While much of his family life remains private, Lyta frequently mentions his tight-knit team around him. His core crew of collaborators, producers, and managers help keep Lyta grounded amidst his fast-rising fame.

In interviews, he has stressed the role of his team in shaping his musical evolution and direction. They provide reliable guidance and support as Lyta takes on an increasingly hectic schedule with tours, promotions, and media appearances across Nigeria.

Low-Key Persona

Unlike some Nigerian stars who flaunt lavish lifestyles openly on social media, Lyta has adopted a relatively low-key persona so far. He maintains simple tastes often spotted wearing streetwear hoodies and sneakers over bling.

Lyta Education

Lyta, whose real name is Lawal Raheem, completed both his primary and secondary education in Ajegunle. While specific details on the schools he attended are unknown, Lyta has mentioned learning fundamentals of music with the Ile Kewu musical group at his local mosque.

The group provided a platform for Lyta to nurture his vocal abilities and performance skills as a teenager – laying the foundation for his future music career.

Life After Secondary School

Details on Lyta educational path after secondary school remain scarce. There are no reports of him attending university or pursuing higher education.

This is understandable, given Lyta stepped firmly into the spotlight in his late teens – joining Olamide’s YBNL label in 2018 just after turning 20 years old. His meteoric rise in Nigerian pop music likely did not leave much room or reason to pursue further academics.

What Is Lyta Net Worth 2023?

Lyta Net Worth 2023 has rapidly emerged as one of the hottest break-out stars in the Nigerian music scene over recent years. With infectious hits like “Time” and “Monalisa” under his belt, many fans are curious about Lyta’s rising fortune. So what is Lyta’s current net worth as of 2023?

Estimates Vary Across Different Sources

As Lyta fame grows both within Nigeria and globally, estimates of the 25-year-old star’s net worth vary widely across different entertainment news sites and blogs.

Lyta current valuation at a modest $32,400 or around 16 million Nigerian Naira. However more reputable Nigerian celeb sites like and estimate Lyta’s net worth could be hovering around $150,000 in 2023.


Lyta Net Worth 2023 Over the course of his young career, Lyta has quickly established himself as a bonafide star and one of the hottest rising talents in the Nigerian afrobeats scene today. He has come incredibly far given his humble beginnings performing local shows back in Ajegunle as a teen.

Now in his mid-20s, Lyta can count on millions of streams, chart-topping singles like “Time” and sold-out shows as a testament to his musical gifts. His signature blend of soulful vocals, infectious melodies, and universal appeal has struck a genuine chord with music lovers at home and globally.

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