Using HDeuropix For Stream Is Legal?

When discussing free online streaming platforms for Hollywood movies, HDeuropix is hands down one of the best platforms available online. Despite it being an illegal and pirated streaming platform, it has gained quite a lot of popularity over time because of its minimalistic user interface and updated content on the website. 

But, let’s be honest, given that it’s a pirated movie website, it is not the most favorable option to stream all of your content on. It is also important that you keep a check on the quality of the content that you are streaming, especially since HDeuropix hosts HD quality Hollywood movies.

What is HDeuropix?

HDeuropix is a popular online movie streaming platform that hosts pirated Hollywood movies. If you are in the mood to watch some free movies without any restrictions, this is hands down one of the best options. The website also features a wide range of old and new Hollywood movies that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire.

The best thing about this website that makes it stand out from the rest is the quality of the movies and the print. You get HD quality movies that make it extremely easy for you to stream your favorite content without any hassle.

HDeuropix hosts not just Hollywood movies but a range of Bollywood and regional language movies as well that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire. As for the quality of the print, it ranges between 360p to 720p, ensuring that you can pick the one that best suits your likings.

How does the HDeuropix website work?

As we have mentioned before, HDeuropix is a popular pirated movie website that lets you stream your favorite movies without any hindrance. It is a torrent website, so you need to download the torrent file to then access the pirated content that you likely want to watch.

For accessing the content on this website, the users need to first enter the website from the web version and then go around to access the movies that you’d likely want to watch. Once they have the movie that works best for them, they can stream the movie or download it directly.

It does have ads on the website, so you are assured that the website does run the revenue generated from Google Adsense. 

What are some of the most downloaded movies on this website?

Even though this is an illegal and pirated movie website, it does attract millions of users every month that like to stream their favorite content without any hassles. The website has a list of movies that you can binge-watch according to your likings. 

Some of the most downloaded movies on this website include:

  • Silence
  • Scoob
  • The Quiet Place
  • Annabelle
  • Conjuring

What are some of the different links available for HDeuropix?

If you are confused with HDeuropix, you will realise that the website has a lot more than what you see. Aside from the main and primary website of, the users can also access a wide selection of other genres of movies including Hollywood, Bollywood, and regional language movies that are available on the remaining websites including the following.

But, all the versions of the website are pirated, so you likely wouldn’t find one that hosts legal content. Some of them include:


Is HDeuropix illegal or banned in India?

India has very strict laws when it comes to piracy and pirated movie websites. Aside from India, even the U.S considers piracy as a crime, which means that the content on HDeuropix is likely illegal there as well. Even though the website isn’t necessarily banned in India, it is still an illegal website that is often subject to getting banned now and then.

There are chances that you might get penalised if you are found downloading movies incessantly from this website. 

Does HDeuropix host web series?

Yes, HDeuropix also hosts a wide range of amazing web series aside from the movies. If you are a fan of the original Netflix web series, there are quite a few that are available on the website. But, then again, even those are pirated copies and we’d suggest that you stream the content on the official streaming platforms rather than streaming them on illegal websites like these.

Some of the best web series that you can find on this website include:

  • Game of thrones
  • Riverdale
  • Big Bang theory
  • Friends

What kind of categories is available on HDeuropix?

If you are particular about knowing what kinds of categories are available on HDeuropix, here is a quick list of the best ones. They include:

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Action
  • War
  • Thriller
  • Mythology
  • Web series

Is it illegal to watch movies on HDeuropix?

Yes, since HDeuropix is an illegal and pirated movie website, anything that you watch or stream on this platform is illegal. It doesn’t matter whether you watch movies or web series, everything on this platform is illegal to watch. While each country has its own set of laws and regulations concerning piracy, you must keep a check on that.

So, if your country bans illegal and pirated content, we’d suggest that you avoid watching movies via this website. Some countries even impose hefty fines and penalise the culprits, so avoid getting into such hassles.

What are some of the best legal alternatives?

While it is illegal to stream the content on HDeuropix, some amazing legal alternatives feature similar content like the former. So, in case you are looking for some good alternatives, here is a list of the best ones.

JioCinemasYou can’t go wrong with this one. If you have a JioSimcard, the platform is going to be available for free for you. This means that you get to stream some of your favorite content on this platform without needing to pay anything extra or out of your way. Just ensure that you have a good quality internet connection because it doesn’t allow downloads to your phone. You will have to either stream it or download it on the app to view it later.

  • Netflix

Although Netflix isn’t a free platform, it is one of the best movie streaming platforms available on the internet. It is available for a monthly subscription that enables you to watch all of your favorite content without any kinds of restrictions. From Hollywood movies to regional language movies and original web series, the platform hosts a lot more than you can imagine.

  • Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another amazing legal streaming platform that allows you to access your favorite content without any damper. It is one of the most popular streaming platforms in India, providing you with an amazing collection of movies and web series for a nominal annual fee. It does host a range of amazing Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies that you can binge-watch without any issues.

  • Hotstar

Another free video streaming platform that you can keep an eye out for is Hotstar. The best thing about this platform that makes it stand out is the collection of both free and paid content. So, if you are worried that the free content on the platform won’t be good enough, you are mistaken. The free version does provide an ample number of movies for you to choose from. But, the premium content is a lot better, no doubt. Even this one is available for either monthly or annual subscription fees.

  • Sony LIV

If there’s one underrated platform that not many know about, it’s Sony LIV. The platform hosts a lot of amazing movies that are often not paid attention to because the platform itself is quite underrated. But, that doesn’t stop it from releasing a unique web series on the platform. As for the movie collection, it hosts a wide range of movie options for you to watch. It is a paid platform.

  • YouTube

When talking about video streaming platforms, YouTube is hands down one of the best options. Not only does it pay a lot of popularity to the independent creators, but it also has a separate section dedicated to just movies that let you stream your favorite movies without any hassle. The one downside to watching movies on this platform is that you need to pay for the movies individually.

  • Voot

Last but not least on the list of the best alternatives for HDeuropix is Voot. Unlike the other options, this is quite an underrated option but features a plethora of amazing movies and web series that you can stream on the platform. The one downside to this platform aside from the paid subscription is the fact that it doesn’t allow download options. So, you need to have a constant internet connection to be able to access the content on the platform.


Wrapping it up in the end, HDeuropix is one of the most visited illegal and pirated movie websites that people like to visit for their daily dose of movies and web series. But this article is not meant to promote piracy, which is why we have sorted you out with some of the best available legal alternatives that you can instead use to stream your favorite content on.

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