How to Remove Csrss Exe Trojan?

Csrss is an important feature of the Microsoft process that manages the majority of the graphical processes and instructions set in the Windows operating system. Generally, for those who are not aware, the file is present in the destination – C:\Windows\System32/.

If you are confused as to what Csrss means, it is an abbreviated form for Client Runtime Server Process. Since this file is used for some of the most important yet common processes in the system, it is easier for some kind of Trojan malware to adapt to the same name of the file and end up disguising itself in the system.

Remember that the original Csrss is located in the location we have mentioned above. If you witness any kinds of files under the name of csrss.exe, it is likely a corrupted file and needs to be cleaned from your system immediately. 

But, even with this risk, don’t fall into people saying that you need to remove the original Csrss file from the system location because that is an extremely important function needed for your device. Only the files with the same names and .exe extension in another location in the device need to be gotten rid of.

What kind of implications does the csrss.exe have on the device?

If you are wondering how the csrss.exe files behave in the computer or how it corrupts, your device, it mainly does so by disguising itself. Their copying or installation processes are varying and doesn’t stick to the sullen procedure of getting in through the common prospect of a Chrome download.

This Trojan malware installs themselves by copying their executable to any of the Windows or Windows folders in the system. Once it is installed, it modifies its registry to then run as a separate file from the start. 

Generally, the csrss.exe files modify the following to settle and run in the system:


The main objectives imposed by csrss.exe files in your system is to contact a remote host. But, then again, what does it do it for? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Report a new virus installation to the host
  • Receive configuration or other relevant data
  • Receive salient instructions from the remote host or attacker
  • Upload data from the remote host to acquire information from the infected computer
  • Download and execute some of the pre-loaded arbitrary files as instructed by the remote author

These implications might seem limited but to be fair, it does impact the system in several ways, especially by hindering your quality of the system or putting your device at risk of security check.

How can one distinguish between the csrss.exe virus and the actual one?

Since csrss.exe is a common process available in your system, distinguishing it from the malicious variant right by looking into it is difficult. The smart thing that csrss.exe does is mask or disguise itself under the name of such common processes in the system.

Aside from that, there are chances that the malware program can very well install itself into an already existing csrss.exe file. It doesn’t matter how it is installed, getting rid of this malware is a hassle, especially because it manages to disguise itself quite well.

If you are suspecting such an infestation in your system, start by opening your Task Manager in the system by clicking “Ctrl+Alt+Del”. Once the task manager opens, you can right-click on the available csrss.exe file and then click on file location to check where the file is located in the system.

The original program file is generally located in the C:\Windows\System32 folder. In case your csrss.exe is located in any other location in the system, it is likely malware that needs immediate checking.

How to remove csrss.exe malware from the system?

Now that you have a basic idea about the csrss.exe file and everything about the basics of this malware, the next thing we need to focus on is the way to get rid of this file for good from the system. Here are a few steps you need to keep an eye on.

Using Rkill

The first steps are to use Rkill for the process. It is an anti-malware process that helps terminate all the existing malware threats in the device. This targets all the malware processes and functions associated with csrss.exe so it’s easier for the next steps to function smoothly.

  • Start by downloading Rkill to your device
  • Once you are done installing it, double click on the file to stop all the malicious files from running in the background
  • Let the program complete the scan for all the malware in the device
  • Once the scan is complete, Rkill will likely terminate all the malicious programs that are running in the background
  • Avoid rebooting your system after running Rkill

Using Malwarebytes

For those who aren’t aware, Malwarebytes is a popular anti-malware system for Windows that helps get rid of all the threats to your system. It is a free application that doesn’t cost you anything in excess. So, you know for a fact that you wouldn’t regret spending your time on this. It does come with a 14-days free trial for the premium version that is enough for your one-time use.

  • For this, start by downloading Malwarebytes
  • Once you are done installing, double click on the Malwarebytes setup file
  • You need to then double click on the mb3-setup-consumer-x.x.x.xxxx.exe to install the Malwarebytes
  • A user control pop up will come up that allows Malwarebytes to further make the changes to your device. Click Yes on the popup
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to then run the Malwarebytes and then Agree and Install further
  • Once the installation is complete, click on Scan Now to update the antivirus database
  • Let Malwarebytes then scan the entire system and wait till it is complete
  • Once that is done, you can then go ahead and click on Quarantine Selected
  • With the completion of that, you can then go ahead and Reboot your system

Using HitmanPro

Another popular process that helps scan the malware in the device is HitmanPro. It directly targets the active malware files in the system. In case the program does detect any kind of suspicious activity on the system, it directly targets the files using other antivirus engines. The program is a paid version and charges around $24.95 for 1 year on the PC.

  • Start by downloading HitmanPro and install the program
  • Once the installation process is done, you need to follow the on-screen prompts and then click on next
  • With the completion of that, you need to wait for the HitmanPro to complete the scan for any kinds of malicious programs
  • Once the program finishes the scan, you can click on Next to then remove the excess malicious programs in the system
  • To start the free trial, click on the Activate free license button
  • Once it’s activated, you can follow the instructions remaining and then go ahead and get rid of all the malware infesting your system

Using Zemana Antimalware

Another popular file that has been found effective in getting rid of the csrss.exe trojan malware from your system is the Zemana antimalware. It is a free process that can not just scan and detect the virus but also help remove the virus for good.

  • Start by downloading the antimalware
  • Once it’s done downloading, you can then double click on the setup file for smoother functions
  • Once you are done with the downloading and checking through the installation process
  • Once the “Select Additional Task” pop-ups, you can then opt-out of that and enable real-time protection for the system
  • Click on the Next button and then scan
  • Let the antimalware conduct the scan on the file and then click on Next to get rid of the malicious files from the system
  • Once the scanning is done, you need to restart your system

Using the Emsisoft Emergency Kit

This is an optional method but works effortlessly in getting rid of the unnecessary malware in the system. It is a free and powerful scanner that can effectively get rid of the trojans and other forms of malware in the system. This is not just for the systems infested with the csrss.exe files but also works for cleaning the system 100% without any hassle.

  • Start by downloading the Emsisoft Emergency Kit and then install it
  • Once it’s installed, you can then start the program on the desktop to open the program
  • Click on Malware scan and then let the program run the scan till the update process is complete
  • Then click on the Quarantine Selected and then let the scan complete as well

Neglecting any type of csrss.exe file is going to do you no good and might put your device at risk. This is the reason why it’s extremely important that you look for the malware, keep a check on the progress of the scanning, and then get rid of the same for good without any further hassle. It is extremely important to choose the correct files and antimalware system to get rid of the malware for good.

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