What to Do With Kids on a Sea Vacation: Top 11 Games All Children Will Enjoy

Planning a family vacation to swim in the sea and sunbathe on the beach? It’s wonderful! To keep yourself entertained, you can listen to your favorite podcast, bet on the trusted online sportsbook, or just enjoy the sun. And what will you occupy your child, who does not sit still at the beach? Sure, he’ll join you for water and air baths. But what if the child gets bored and starts to be naughty? How to curb irrepressible children’s energy? Here are simple, but interesting beach games that will captivate your child, diversify his leisure and make the rest interesting and memorable.

Soap Bubbles

Take soap bubbles with you on the beach, and to experiment with their size and quantity, grab a thin straw and a wider straw. You can blow soap bubbles and your child can catch them with his palms. Have your child try blowing bubbles, too. Make sure that the soap solution does not get into your baby’s mouth or eyes.


Give your children buckets, spatulas, and sand molds and offer them to build sand castles, and then decorate their towers with colored pebbles, shells and leaves that can be found nearby. Along with the classic sandcastles, you can build figurines of animals or interior decorations, and then take pictures of your child near the finished masterpieces. It will be a wonderful memory of the holidays.

The Ball

The ball on the beach is an indispensable thing. If you have a ball, you certainly will not be bored. With it you can swim, play soccer, volleyball, knockout and other outdoor games. And you can throw the ball to each other and play in the city.

Pebbles and Shells

Invite your child to gather a collection of beautiful smooth pebbles and seashells, and then sort them by shape, color, size, lay them out a picture or just look closely.


For a five-minute rest, a game called “What does a cloud look like?” is amazing. It can be played if there are clouds in the sky. Sit on a blanket with your child and look closely at the clouds floating by. Together think of what they look like, and take turns making up some interesting stories about “cloudy” characters.

Drawing on Wet Sand

Wet sand is a great place to draw. Images can be drawn on it with a thin stick or a stone. And if the masterpiece did not turn out, just splash water on it and start drawing again.

Beach Photo Shoot

Teenagers can get the following idea: to draw a huge picture on the wet sand and take original photos that will later collect a lot of likes on Instagram.

Tic-tac-toe on the Sand

You can play a game of “tic-tac-toe” with older children. The grid for the game can be drawn on wet sand. And when the round is over – wash the image with water and draw a new blank for the game.

Treasure Hunters

Take some shells, coins or small toys and bury them in the top layer of sand, then flatten its surface. Mark a search area in the sand and encourage your child to find the hidden items. The child can scoop up the sand with a spatula and sift through a special sieve until he finds all the “treasures. If several children play, the one who finds more hidden treasures wins.

A Marksmanship Game

Draw a target on the sand. Take your child a short distance away and take turns trying to hit the center of the target with a seashell, pebble, or ball. You can use a sand mold or bucket instead of a target.

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