Accessing Opportunity A Guide To The University Of Tasmania Scholarship Program

Utas Scholarships Introduction

University of Tasmania (UTAS) offers a wide range of scholarship and financial support to assist students from diverse backgrounds and with different goals. These UTAS scholarships aim to make education more accessible and empower students to realize their full potential.

An Overview Of Utas Scholarship

UTAS scholarship are available across various fields of study from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Some scholarships support research candidates, professional development, and community leadership initiatives.

The university introduced the UTAS Elite Sports Scholarship in 1992 specifically to assist elite athletes pursue academic excellence along with sporting ambitions. This highlights UTAS’ commitment to supporting well-rounded individuals.

In 2022, UTAS provided over $6 million in scholarship funding to both domestic and international students. The university aims to continue increasing this support.

How To Apply Utas Scholarship

University of Tasmania (UTAS) offers over 300 scholarship funds to support students across various disciplines and degree levels. If you are starting or currently enrolled at UTAS, you may be eligible for financial assistance through these scholarship programs. Follow these straightforward steps to submit your scholarship application:

Step 1: Visit the Scholarship Portal

Go to the UTAS Scholarship Portal and find the link to register an account. Use your application or student login credentials to create your scholarship portal account.

Step 2: Complete Your Profile

Log into the portal and fill out details in your personal profile. Make sure to include information on your academic history, financial situation, and any hardship considerations. Upload any necessary supporting documents like academic transcripts, income statements etc.

Step 3: Browse and Select Scholarships

Search the scholarship database with filters like your degree level, field of study, attributes (equity, indigenous) and more. Save scholarships you are eligible for and wish to apply. There is no application limit – you can apply for multiple UTAS scholarships.

Step 4: Submit Required Application Materials

For each scholarship you apply for, carefully go through the required attachments and submissions. This may include writing academic statements, getting referee reports, gathering evidence for eligibility criteria and more. Submit all complete materials through the portal.

Step 5: Accept The Offer

If your application is successful, you will receive a scholarship offer email. Make sure to accept the offer within the stipulated timeframe to confirm your scholarship place.

Applying for UTAS scholarships is straightforward by following these 5 steps. Make sure your submissions accurately reflect your achievements and goals. With over $6 million awarded annually, UTAS can make university more affordable through its scholarship program.

Application Process and Selection Criteria

Students can browse and apply for UTAS scholarships on the university website. Each scholarship has defined eligibility and assessment criteria.

Selection committees review factors like:

  • Academic achievement: Based on GPA, test scores, previous qualifications etc.
  • Equity considerations: Assessing hardship and representation of minority groups
  • Field of study: Relevance to particular programs and research areas
  • Contributions: Community service, cultural impact, leadership experience etc.

Shortlisted applicants may undergo interviews. Final approvals depend on evidence, referees’ reports and ranking relative to other applicants.


Q1. How are scholarships paid?

Most UTAS scholarships are paid in instalments either upfront or as reimbursements over the duration of your degree. Funds get deposited into your nominated bank account.

Q2. Can I apply for multiple scholarships?

Yes, you can and should apply for as many eligible UTAS scholarships as possible in one application. There are no limits, and applying for several scholarships can maximize your chances.

Q3. Do I need to reapply for ongoing multi-year scholarships?

For most multi-year scholarship offers, you only need to apply once. But you must comply with conditions around minimum grades, enrolment status, etc. to continue receiving subsequent instalment payments.

Q4. What happens if I defer, transfer or withdraw from my degree?

You must obtain formal approval from the Scholarships Team to transfer any remaining scholarship balance to a new degree. Failure to complete a semester may require you to pay back the scholarship installment amount.

Q5. Can international students apply for scholarships?

Yes! A number of UTAS scholarships are open only to international students. Make sure to explore all available options before accepting your offer to study in Australia on a student visa.


In conclusion, the University of Tasmania offers a robust scholarship program that awarded over $6 million to students across fields and degree levels in 2022. The application process is straightforward – simply make an account on the UTAS Scholarships Portal, fill out your profile, select relevant scholarships, and submit required materials.

Both domestic and international students can apply for numerous UTAS scholarships in one application. Selection criteria may consider grades, equity factors, field of study, and overall contributions. Recipients undergo ongoing progress reviews and can get special assistance from university support teams.

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