TVmuse- The Best Place To Get TV Shows Free

Streaming websites have become more popular than ever before. We have reached a point where we can no longer imagine our lives without streaming websites. You will find all sorts of streaming platforms on the internet. For instance, some are paid and others are not.

Speaking of free streaming sites, it is really hard to find a legal one. Most of the free streaming platforms are illegal and provide pirated content. However, there is one free streaming site that is not illegal. The name of the platform is TVmuse. If you love watching new TV shows and movies, chances are you have already heard about this site.

TVmuse was a free streaming website that offers you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. In this article, we will cover everything you should know about this site.

TVMuse Overview

TVmuse was a very popular streaming site that was used by viewers for the latest movies and TV shows. This was a free streaming platform where you can watch movies and shows without paying for it.

The site had many other features that make it stand out from the rest. To start with it offers HD quality content to viewers. With this platform, you don’t have to compromise your viewing experience.

Unlike other free streaming sites, TVmuse is not exactly illegal. It never hosted any pirated content directly on the platform. Instead, it provided viewers with links to the source.

Despite all the good things, TVmuse was shut down at the beginning of 2021. The reason behind this action is still not known. But we do know that it is not because of piracy. Many viewers believe that the site was taken down due to some technical difficulties. However, we do not know how much of it is true.

Key Features

TVmuse was a streaming site packed with features. Before we move onto any other details, let’s take a quick look at the features provided by the site.

  1. Free streaming website

TVmuse was a very popular free streaming website. It was used by millions of viewers for fresh content. The site provided the latest movies and hit TV shows to watch. Unlike many other sites, it didn’t have any restrictions. It allowed you to watch shows and movies without any limit.

  • HD quality content

This site was most popular because of its quality content. It provided only HD quality prints for shows and movies. This made the platform perfect for viewers who didn’t want to compromise with their viewing experience.

  • User-friendly interface

Another great thing about the site was the easy-to-use interface. The platform featured a layout that was easy to understand and navigate. Due to the user-friendly interface, everyone could use the site without any complications.

  • Stream or download

TVmuse was one of those streaming sites that offered both options. You could either stream or download the content. By downloading the content, you could access it offline.

  • Huge library

The site provided a huge library of movies and shows. It provided endless new content to viewers. This is yet another reason behind the popularity of the site.

What happened to TVmuse?

As already mentioned above, TVmuse was taken down at the beginning of 2021. This was a sudden decision taken with no prior notice to the viewers. No one knows why the site is shut down. 

Some users believe, it is due to technical difficulties, while others say that the site is banned due to piracy issues. But it is hard to believe the latter could be true. TVmuse never hosted any piracy content directly on the website. It always offered links to the source.

TVmuse is gone and there’s no news whether it will come back or not. This has put viewers in a difficult situation as they weren’t ready for such a fall. On a good note, many other sites are similar to TVmuse. So if you cannot access TVmuse, you have other sites to go to.

After a lot of research, a few users could find a mirror site to TVmuse. However, this is a new mirror website and doesn’t have a library as big as the original site.

Where did TVmuse fall short?

TVmuse was one of the best free streaming sites out there. But it did have a few drawbacks. 

The site was not updated regularly and because of this, it started losing viewers. It was once a great video streaming site, but it couldn’t hold onto its excellence.

It could happen that the site was taken down because of reduced popularity. However, we cannot confirm anything. They didn’t even give prior notice to the viewers. By the look current development, there is very little chance that the site will come back.


TVmuse was an excellent streaming platform. It had a huge database of movies and TV shows. Not just that, but the site offered HD quality prints to viewers. It is because of all these reasons, TVmuse was once the favorite streaming site for viewers. But the platform failed to maintain its level and was gradually shut down at the beginning of this year. Although there is a mirror site available, it is not as good as the parent site.


Why was TVmuse shut down?

No one knows the actual reason behind this decision. The site owners shut it down without even giving any prior notice to the viewers.

Is TVmuse illegal?

Although TVmuse is a free streaming website, it is not exactly illegal. It never hosted any pirated content directly on the platform. It just provided the download links to the source.

Does TVmuse have any restrictions?

TVmuse didn’t have any restrictions. It allowed you to watch movies and TV shows without any limits.

Can you download movies from TVmuse?

TVmuse offered both streaming and downloading options to viewers. By opting for the download option, you could make the content available for offline use.

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