How Tallo Scholarships Match Students To Relevant Financial Awards

Tallo Scholarship Introduction

Tallo is an online platform that connects students with over $20 billion in Tallo scholarships and other financial awards to help pay for higher education. With personalized matching based on skills and interests, Tallo scholarships provide money for tuition, housing, books, and more regardless of grades or financial need.

Who Can Get Money For School Through Tallo

Tallo scholarships and awards are available to all types of students planning to attend or currently enrolled in higher education programs.

High School Students

High schoolers can create a Tallo profile as early as freshman year to get matched with Tallo scholarships for college. By adding information about achievements, hobbies, potential majors, and career goals over four years, matches improve over time.

Seniors can also apply for Tallo’s own $10,000 Tallo scholarship awarded to students planning to attend college in the next year.

How To Apply Tallo Scholarship

Step 1: Create a Tallo Profile

First, go to and click Sign Up in the top right corner. Enter your basic information to create your student profile.

Step 2: Build Your Profile

Add details about your academic status, awards and achievements, skills and interests. This helps Tallo match you with relevant Tallo scholarship opportunities.

Step 3: Check Your Opportunity Board

The Opportunity Board shows scholarship competitions and other awards tailored to your profile. Click “Apply” on any Tallo scholarship you want to apply for.

Step 4: Submit Application Materials

Follow the instructions provided for each individual Tallo scholarship application. You may need to answer questions, write essays, provide recommendation letters, or submit project proposals.

Step 5: Check Application Status

Log in to your Tallo account to track the status of all your outstanding Tallo scholarship applications. You will receive a notification if you are selected to receive an award.

Step 6: Add More Profile Details

To find more matched scholarships, continue adding relevant accomplishments, test scores, experiences and upgraded profile features.

By creating a robust Tallo profile and routinely applying to matched Tallo scholarships, you improve your chances of earning funding for college costs.

Undergraduate Students

Current college students can find Tallo scholarships to help cover continuing education costs. Opportunities match based on current major, college attended, and updated profile details.

Types of Tallo Scholarships and Awards

In addition to matching users with scholarships offered by various companies and organizations, Tallo also administers its own annual Tallo scholarship competitions.

Tallo Season of Giving Scholarship

Awarded in December, this $2,000 Tallo scholarship goes to one student for the spring academic term based on their profile details, financial need, and submitted essay.

Project Innovation Scholarship

Five winners of the Project Innovation Tallo Scholarship receive $1,000 each for demonstrating exceptional problem-solving skills and creativity through Tallo digital badges earned.


Q1. Who is eligible for Tallo scholarships?

Tallo scholarships are open to high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students, and international students planning to attend or currently attending a college or university.

Q2. What types of costs can Tallo scholarships cover?

Tallo scholarships can go towards tuition, room and board, textbooks, computers and other electronics, transportation, and other costs related to pursuing higher education.

Q3. How are Tallo scholarship winners selected?

Selections are based on profile alignment, merit factors like GPA and test scores, financial need, and quality of application materials. Winners are chosen by third-party organizations and Tallo program judges.

Q4. How much money is awarded through Tallo scholarships?

Tallo provides access to over $20 billion in scholarship opportunities. Individual award amounts range from $1,000 to $10,000 generally, although a few highly competitive nationwide scholarships are up to $100,000.


Tallo provides an invaluable platform for students to unlock over $20 billion in scholarships and financial awards for college. By creating a detailed student profile highlighting academic accomplishments, skills, interests, and goals, Tallo can match applicants with relevant scholarship opportunities.

These Tallo scholarships are available not just based on good grades, but on demonstrated talents and participation in extracurricular activities. Tallo helps high schoolers, undergrads, graduate students, and international students discover funding opportunities suited to their unique qualifications.

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