Empowering Nigeria Future Female Leaders She Soars Scholarship Program

She Soars Scholarship Introduction

The road to higher education can be riddled with obstacles for many young women in Nigeria. Financial constraints, lack of resources, and absence of mentorship often stifle promising talent. This is where the SHE Soars Scholarship steps in – a beacon of hope for brilliant female students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Established by the Christopher Kolade Foundation, this initiative provides a nurturing ecosystem for the scholars to gain quality education and leadership skills.

Bridging The Higher Education Gap Through Financial Aid

A key barrier facing secondary school graduates is the inability to afford university fees and associated academic expenses. The SHE Soars Scholarship aims to bridge this economic divide by sponsoring the scholars’ entire educational journey.

Long-Term Commitment

The sponsorship lasts the duration of the scholar’s course, typically 4-6 years depending on the discipline. This long-term backing provides stability and allows the students to plan their educational path without financial uncertainties.

Nurturing Academic Excellence

The program goes beyond just funding the scholars’ degrees. Through dedicated mentors and training workshops, it actively grooms the young women to achieve academic and career excellence.

How To Apply She Soars Scholarship

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility First, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria:

  • You must be female
  • Completed secondary school education from a public school in Nigeria
  • Have proof of admission into a Nigerian public university

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents You need to submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form (available on official website)
  • Secondary school certificates
  • Admission letter from university
  • Identity documents (national ID card, voters card etc.)
  • Household income proofs to demonstrate financial need
  • Academic transcripts

Step 3: Fill the Online Application Form Go to the official SHE Soars Scholarship Programme Application Page. Create an account and fill in all details in the required fields.

Step 4: Write the Motivation Essay The application requires a 500-word motivation essay outlining your academic goals, potential career paths and how the scholarship will enable your personal growth.

Step 5: Submit Additional Documents Upload clear, scanned copies of all your documents listed in step 2. Cross-check to ensure everything accurate is submitted.

Step 6: Complete the Application Carefully review your application before final submission. Once submitted, changes cannot be made. Applications missing information will not be considered.

Step 7: Wait for Notification
If shortlisted, you will be notified for the selection interview. The final list of scholarship awardees gets announced by February.

Current Scholar Profile

  • 24 scholars currently undergoing sponsored education
  • Pursuing diverse degree courses – Medicine, Law, Engineering, Psychology etc.
  • Enrolled across 14 universities pan Nigeria

The selective nature ensures that the most deserving and high-potential female students receive this career-shaping support.


The SHE Soars Scholarship is transforming female education landscape in Nigeria by enabling meritorious students to access quality higher education and leadership skills. As these empowered young women graduate and advance in various professional domains, they will pay it forward as role models and spark a wave of women driving national transformation.

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