Scarlxrd: Net Worth, Career, Income, Age, Family, and More

Scarlxrd Introduction

In the ever-evolving realm of music, there are artists who defy conventions and create their own distinct path. One such trailblazer is Scarlxrd, whose real name is Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop. Hailing from Wolverhampton, England, Scarlxrd has carved his niche as a British rapper, singer, and songwriter. This article delves deep into the life and career of Scarlxrd, shedding light on his journey from a YouTuber known as Mazzi Maz to his current status as a pioneer of the “trap metal” genre.


Real Name:Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop
Date Of Birth:19 June 1994
Age:29 years old
Net Worth:$2 Million
Last Updated:2023

Scarlxrd Early Life

A YouTuber Turned Music Icon

Before Scarlxrd net worth embraced the world of music, he was a prominent figure on YouTube, going by the alias “Mazzi Maz.” His YouTube stardom laid the foundation for his future as an artist. It was here that he showcased his charisma, creativity, and the ability to connect with his audience.

Eclectic Musical Influences

Scarlxrd love for music has deep roots. Growing up, he was not confined to a single genre. In fact, his musical taste was as diverse as it gets. While he had a penchant for metal music, his playlist also included tracks from Missy Elliott, Nelly, and Eminem. This eclectic mix of influences would later contribute to his unique musical style.

Scarlxrd Career

Nu-Metal Beginnings

Scarlxrd musical journey kicked off as the lead vocalist for the nu-metal band, Myth City. This phase allowed him to explore and experiment with music, providing a strong foundation for his future endeavors.

A New Identity: Scarlxrd

The transition from his given name to Scarlxrd marked a pivotal moment in his career. In 2016, he introduced himself to the world with the release of his self-titled album and “Rxse.” These early works set the stage for his evolution into a prominent figure in the music industry.

The Rise of “Trap Metal”

Scarlxrd music is a unique fusion of trap and heavy metal, a genre aptly coined “trap metal.” This innovative blend has earned him recognition as a pioneer of this genre by multiple publications. His fearless exploration of the musical landscape and his willingness to push boundaries have made him a force to be reckoned with.

Scarlxrd Personal Life

The Signature “x” Factor

One of the distinctive features of Scarlxrd’s persona is his penchant for replacing the letter “o” with “x.” This unique linguistic twist is not only apparent in his stage name but also permeates his song titles. It’s important to note that “Scarlxrd” should be pronounced as “Scarlord,” reflecting this creative twist.

Japanese Influence

Beyond his music, Scarlxrd visual aesthetic within his music videos and clothing style is heavily influenced by Japanese culture, particularly anime. This cultural fusion adds an extra layer of intrigue to his overall artistic expression. His signature surgical mask, inspired by the Japanese manga Tokyo Ghoul, is a clear testament to this influence.

The Man Behind The Music

As of 2023, Scarlxrd is 29 years old, bringing a sense of temporal context to his career. He stands at 1.83 meters tall and has a weight of 72 kilograms, adding a physical dimension to the enigma that is Scarlxrd.

In conclusion, Scarlxrd personal life remains a well-guarded secret, with the artist choosing to reveal only what he deems fit for public consumption. This aura of mystery adds another layer of intrigue to the persona of a truly unique artist.

Scarlxrd Earnings

A Wealth Range

Scarlxrd net worth has been a topic of interest for many of his fans. While precise figures can be elusive, his net worth is estimated to be in the range of $1 million to $5 million. This financial spectrum reflects the fruits of his labor in the music industry.

A Glimpse into the Past

In 2018, Scarlxrd revenue was estimated to be around $26.8K. This figure offers insight into his earnings during that period and showcases the financial growth of his career.

A Lucrative Career

Scarlxrd annual salary is an impressive figure, exceeding $250,000. This income is derived from his music and other ventures, a testament to his multifaceted success.

YouTube and Music Sales

One of the major sources of Scarlxrd net worth income is YouTube revenue. He earns an estimated $173.95 thousand a year from his YouTube presence. Additionally, his primary source of income is music sales, which plays a significant role in bolstering his net worth.


Q1. What is Scarlxrd real name?

Scarlxrd real name is Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop.

Q2. Where was Scarlxrd born?

Scarlxrd was born in Wolverhampton, England, on June 19, 1994.

Q3. How did Scarlxrd gain fame before his music career?

Before his music career, Scarlxrd net worth gained fame as a YouTuber under the name Mazzi Maz.

Q4. What is “trap metal,” and why is Scarlxrd associated with it?

“Trap metal” is a unique music genre that combines elements of trap music and heavy metal. Scarlxrd is considered a pioneer of this genre and is often associated with it.

Q5. What was Scarlxrd musical journey before becoming a rapper?

Scarlxrd began his music career as the vocalist for the nu-metal band Myth City before debuting as a rapper under the Scarlxrd name.

Q6. What are some of Scarlxrd popular albums?

Scarlxrd has released several albums, including his self-titled album, “Rxse,” “Cabin Fever,” and “Chaxsthexry.”


Scarlxrd journey from a YouTuber to a pioneering artist in the “trap metal” genre is a testament to his talent and determination. With a unique blend of trap and heavy metal, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide. His evolution as an artist, from his nu-metal days to his hit single “Heart Attack,” showcases the diversity and depth of his music. Scarlxrd is not just an artist; he’s a phenomenon.

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