Pft Commenter Net Worth, Life, Career, Education, And More

Pft Commenter Introduction

Before we dive deeper into the world of PFT Commenter, let’s start with a brief overview. PFT Commenter is a sports media personality who covers both the National Football League (NFL) and U.S. politics for the online publication Barstool Sports. However, his journey to fame is nothing short of unconventional.

Pft Commenter Net Worth path to notoriety began with a self-amusing hobby – satirizing idiotic comments on the NBC website ProFootballTalk. With his witty and often misspelled missives, he quickly gained a following on social media platforms, particularly Twitter. Currently, he boasts an impressive 332,000 followers on Twitter.

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Name:PFT Commenter
Birthday:31 January 1986
Birth Place:United States
Net Worth:$2 Million

Pft Commenter Early Life

A Regular Commenter On Profootballtalk

Before becoming the internet sensation known as PFT Commenter, Eric began as a regular commenter on the ProFootballTalk message boards. It was on these message boards that he honed his skills in witty and engaging commentary. Little did he know that these early interactions would pave the way for his future in the world of sports media.

Birth Of The Satirical Twitter Account

In 2012, Eric took a significant step in his online presence by creating the satirical @PFTCommenter Twitter account. This marked the birth of the persona we now know as PFT Commenter. With his characteristic humor and unconventional style, he quickly gained attention in the sports and entertainment world.

Pft Commenter Career

Diverse Contributions In Sports Media

One of the hallmarks of PFT commenter Net Worth career is his versatility. He has contributed to various sports websites, including Kissing Suzy Kolber, SBNation, and Football Savages. This ability to engage with different platforms and audiences demonstrates his adaptability and the broad reach of his talent.

A Brush With Radio

In September 2015, PFT Commenter made a memorable appearance on Mike Florio’s PFT Live radio program. This experience allowed him to connect with a wider audience and showcase his unique brand of commentary beyond the online realm.

Political Commentary

Not limited to sports, PFT Commenter expanded his career into the realm of U.S. politics. In 2015, he began commenting on the 2016 United States presidential election. His insights and humorous takes on political events attracted attention, and he even appeared on television during the coverage of Republican Party presidential debates.

Pft Commenter Personal Life

A Desire For Anonymity

PFT Commenter choice to operate under a pseudonym is a testament to his desire to remain anonymous. He is acutely aware that the more exposure his persona, PFT Commenter, gains, the greater the risk of his true identity being revealed. This commitment to privacy sets him apart in an era where personal details are often readily shared.

Paradox Of Fame

Despite his reluctance to be in the limelight, PFT Commenter has cultivated a substantial following for his outspoken, outlandish, and Skip Bayless-inspired character. The irony lies in the fact that while he shies away from personal fame, his humorous and satirical takes have propelled him to considerable online recognition.

Iconic Sunglasses

One of the distinct features associated with PFT Commenter is his penchant for wearing sunglasses to conceal his identity. This iconic accessory has become a part of his persona and adds an air of mystery to his online presence.

Pft Commenter Education

Diverse Writing Engagements

PFT Commenter career path led him to contribute to various sports websites, including Kissing Suzy Kolber, SBNation, Football Savages, and his personal platform, His ability to write for and engage with different platforms demonstrates his adaptability and expertise in the field.

Recognition And Popularity

His work for Barstool Sports and other platforms has earned PFT Commenter significant recognition and a devoted following. With over 410,000 followers on Instagram, he shares comedic content and life updates, connecting with his audience in a unique and entertaining manner.

In summary, while the specifics of PFT Commenter formal education remain undisclosed, his career achievements and influence in the sports media landscape attest to his expertise and dedication to the craft of satirical sportswriting.

What Is Pft Commenter Net Worth?

One of the key sources of PFT Commenter’s income is his role as a podcaster at Barstool Sports. His contributions to the “Pardon My Take” podcast, with its substantial listenership, have undoubtedly played a significant role in boosting his net worth. The podcast’s estimated 1.5 million listens per episode adds to his financial success.

Literary Ventures

Pft Commenter Net Worth further diversified his income streams through the publication of his e-book, “Goodell vs. Obama: The Battle for the Future of the NFL,” in September 2015. This venture into the world of literature has contributed to his overall net worth.

Varying Estimates

It’s worth noting that there are differing estimates of PFT Commenter’s net worth in various sources. While one source claims an astonishing net worth of $520 million, this figure appears to be an overestimation. The majority of sources concur that his net worth is closer to the $2 million mark.


Pft Commenter Net Worth, portrayed by Eric Sollenberger, is a unique and engaging figure in the world of sports media. His rise to fame through humor, satire, and hot takes has endeared him to a vast audience. The mystery surrounding his true identity only adds to his allure. As he continues to captivate fans with his outspoken and outlandish style, one thing remains certain – PFT Commenter is here to stay.

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