Expanding Opportunities For Indigenous Students The University Of Melbourne Narrm Scholarship Program

Narrm Scholarship Introduction

The University of Melbourne is committed to increasing diversity within its student body and supporting Indigenous students through its prestigious Narrm Scholarship program. Narrm is the traditional Aboriginal name for the Melbourne region, and the scholarship aims to encourage Indigenous students to study at the university.

Overview Of The Narrm Scholarship

The Narrm Scholarship provides financial support in the form of a guaranteed living allowance to Indigenous undergraduate students who are accepted to study at the University of Melbourne. The scholarship is awarded for up to four years of an undergraduate degree program.

Encouraging Diversity in Higher Education

The Narrm Scholarship aligns with the University of Melbourne’s broader goals around diversity and inclusion. As one of Australia’s leading universities, Melbourne aims to have its student body reflect the full diversity of backgrounds and experiences in the country.

Indigenous Australians are underrepresented in higher education, facing barriers such as financial hardship, distance from education centers, and lack of support services. Scholarships like Narrm aim to break down these barriers for Indigenous students.

Providing financial support also encourages regional and remote students to relocate to Melbourne for their studies. Bringing together students from all around Australia helps create a vibrant and dynamic student community.

Applying For The Narrm Scholarship

Indigenous students beginning an undergraduate degree at Melbourne are eligible to apply for the Narrm Scholarship after they have received their course offer. Applicants must provide evidence of their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander ancestry.

Students are encouraged to apply for the scholarship as early as possible before commencing their studies. The application involves submitting information on financial circumstances to demonstrate need for the living allowance provided.

How To Apply Narrm Scholarship

Step 1: Check your eligibility. The scholarship is open to Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students as well as domestic students enrolling full-time in an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. You must also meet the university’s academic requirements for your chosen course.

Step 2: Apply for admission to the University of Melbourne. Meet all the application requirements including submitting transcripts, test scores, letters of recommendation if required, and paying the application fee. Make sure to submit your application by the deadline.

Step 3: Indicate your interest in the scholarship. On your application, select that you would like to be considered for the Narrm Scholarship under financial aid. You can also email the university’s scholarship office to express your interest.

Step 4: Complete the Indigenous identification questionnaire. The university will send you a link to confirm your Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage. This step is only required if you wish to be considered for the places reserved for Indigenous applicants.

Step 5: awaScholarship office does not require any additional forms or essays specifically for the Narrm Scholarship. Your admission application serves as your application for this scholarship.

Step 6: Check your University of Melbourne student account. If awarded, the scholarship funds will show up there prior to your first semester. You do not need to accept separately.

Step 7: Provide your relocation details if applicable. If you are relocating from a regional or remote area, submit details to receive the $3,000 allowance.


Q1. How many scholarships are awarded?

The university awards up to 10 new scholarships each year. The exact number varies based on funding.

Q2. What is the selection criteria?

Selection is based on academic merit, financial need, and contribution to the Indigenous community. The university aims to support increased participation by Indigenous students.

Q3. When are Narrm Scholarships awarded?

Scholarships are awarded to incoming students before the start of their first semester. Deadlines follow the university’s standard admission timeline.

Q4. Is there an application fee?

No, there is no separate application fee required to be considered for the Narrm Scholarship.


Narrm Scholarship offered by the University of Melbourne is an important step towards increasing access to higher education for Indigenous students. By providing a living allowance and support services, the scholarship aims to break down financial barriers and encourage diversity within the student body.

While Indigenous Australians remain underrepresented in universities, programs like Narrm provide real opportunities for students to gain qualifications and embark on rewarding careers. The scholarship promotes inclusion, helps students reach their full potential, and strengthens ties between the university and the Indigenous community.

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