Pinnacle Of Merit The Prestigious Morehead Cain Scholarship At UNC Chapel Hill

Morehead Cain Scholarship Introduction

The Morehead-Cain scholarship is widely considered one of the most prestigious and transformative merit scholarship programs in the United States. Established in 1945 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by John Motley Morehead III, the program has provided countless students with full funding and highly enriching experiences over its 75+ year history.

An Unmatched Educational Experience

The Morehead Cain offers much more than financial support. Scholars take part in fully-funded summer enrichment programs before each year of study, immersing themselves in a variety of cultural experiences, leadership training, and networking opportunities around the world. During their time at UNC, scholars receive funding for educational travel, additional enrichment activities, and access to an exceptional community of peers and alumni.

Over four years, the program aims to help students develop strengths across four key pillars:

Leadership Development

Morehead-Cain scholars participate in specialized training programs focused on developing leadership talents. Workshops, speakers, coaching, discussion groups, and hands-on leadership positions give scholars a world-class foundation in areas like communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and organizational management.

Embracing Character

The scholarship emphasizes building personal character and integrity through candid conversations, group activities, and self-reflection exercises. Scholars are encouraged to better understand their principles, goals, motivations, and growth areas.

How To Login Morehead Cain Scholarship?

Step 1: Check your eligibility. You must be a current high school student planning to enroll at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. If you are from North Carolina, the UK, or Canada, you can apply without a nomination. If you are from elsewhere, you must be nominated by an official nominating school or program.

Step 2: Mark your calendars. Applications open in mid-August on the Morehead Cain website. If eligible, you can start your application as soon as it opens. If you need a nomination, work with your school counselor or program administrator to submit materials and find out if you’ve been nominated.

Step 3: Create an account on the Morehead-Cain application website. Use an email you check frequently, as this is how Morehead-Cain will communicate with you.

Step 4: Complete the online application. This will involve submitting basic biographical information, a resume, and short essay responses that reflect on your values, motivations, interests, and goals. You will also need to provide details for counselors, teachers, or other mentors to submit recommendations.

Step 5: Report your test scores. While test scores are optional for UNC admission, you must submit either ACT or SAT scores to be considered for Morehead-Cain. Self-report your best test dates/scores on the application.

Step 6: Submit supporting documents. Along with the basic application, you may need to submit additional documents like an activities resume, essays, transcripts, or letters of recommendation through the online portal.

Step 7: Complete any interviews or further steps required. Based on your application strength, you may be invited to participate in a video interview as the next stage.

Step 8: Wait for decision notification in April. You’ll be notified of your scholarship decision by April 1st.

Ongoing Leadership, Character And Ethics Development

Throughout their four years at UNC-Chapel Hill, morehead cain scholarship students participate in a tailored curriculum focused on nurturing principled leaders. This includes lectures, trainings and mentorship opportunities centered around elevating students’ capabilities in areas like strategic vision, innovative problem solving, perseverance and intercultural literacy.

Lifelong Community And Post-Graduate Support

Beyond the funding and unparalleled undergraduate experiences, being named a Morehead-Cain scholar means joining an incredible, tight-knit community that offers ongoing personal and professional support during and after a student’s time at UNC. The alumni network continues advising scholars as they pursue graduate studies and diverse leadership roles advancing local, national and global progress.


For over morehead cain scholarship 75 years, the prestigious Morehead-Cain scholarship has empowered young leaders driven to tackle society’s most pressing needs through principled innovation. The highly selective four-year program recognizes and elevates students who demonstrate remarkable scholarship, character, leadership potential and personal vigor to create meaningful positive impact at Carolina and beyond. Through fully funded enrichment expeditions, leadership development and life-long community support, Morehead-Cain continues redefining merit scholarship programs and molding generation after generation of changemakers equipped to create substantial value for humanity. The rich heritage and unmatched opportunities make the Morehead-Cain scholarship a truly unparalleled platform for nurturing society’s future trailblazers and progress pioneers during their pivotal years at Chapel Hill and over their lives ahead.

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