How The Michael Taiwo Scholarship Is Empowering High-Achieving, Economically Disadvantaged Nigerian Students

Michael Taiwo Scholarship Introduction

Michael Taiwo Scholarship aims to make higher education more accessible for financially disadvantaged Nigerian students. By covering testing fees, application costs, and other expenses, the scholarship removes barriers that often prevent talented young people from realizing their potential. As the program continues to expand, it is changing lives across Nigeria.

Overview of the Michael Taiwo Scholarship

Founded in 2019 by Michael Taiwo, the Michael Taiwo Scholarship awards financial assistance for exams, applications, and other academic costs. The vision is to give high-achieving Nigerian students the chance to attend top universities, regardless of their economic backgrounds.

What began as a small scholarship has rapidly grown thanks to Taiwo’s commitment and fundraising efforts. The program now offers:

  • Coverage of fees for exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS
  • Payment for up to four university applications
  • Funding for travel, accommodation, textbooks, and other authorized academic expenses

In 2020, the Michael Taiwo Scholarship increased both the number of recipients and the amount awarded per student. Through its continued expansion, the program aims to sponsor Nigerian talent and promote equal access to world-class tertiary education.

How To Apply Michael Taiwo Scholarship

Michael Taiwo Scholarship offers a great opportunity for financially disadvantaged Nigerian students to access higher education. If you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to submit your application:

Step 1: Check You Are Eligible

To qualify for the Michael Taiwo Scholarship, you must:

  • Be between 17 and 25 years old
  • Have secured admission to study STEM or Law at a Nigerian public university
  • Have a minimum CGPA of 4.0 on a 5-point scale
  • Final year students must meet equivalent academic performance standards

Step 2: Visit the Michael Taiwo Scholarship Website

Go to the official Michael Taiwo Scholarship website Navigate to the application page.

The 2023/2024 application period is now closed. But you can check this page for information on 2024/2025 applications when it opens.

Step 3: Create an Account

Create an account on the application portal. Be sure to use an active email address and remember your login details.

Step 4: Fill in the Online Form

Provide accurate responses to all questions in the application form. This includes personal information, academic record, university admission details, financial situation, and more.

Double check responses before submitting to avoid errors or incomplete applications.

Step 5: Upload Supporting Documents

Along with the form, you need to upload scanned copies of supporting paperwork. This includes:

  • Admission letter from your university
  • Identity document
  • Academic transcripts
  • Two recommendation letters

Step 6: Submit Your Michael Taiwo Scholarship Application

Once you have filled all sections and uploaded documents, submit your complete application. You should receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Impact Of The Michael Taiwo Scholarship

In just a few short years, the Michael Taiwo Scholarship has empowered scores of high-performing Nigerians to access world-class education. Past recipients have gone on to attend elite institutions like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, and more.

For example, Joy Chime was sponsored to pursue her master’s in Public Administration at the London School of Economics after completing a degree in Nigeria. She credits the Michael Taiwo Scholarship with enabling her to achieve her full potential.


Q1: What types of expenses does the scholarship cover?

A: The Michael Taiwo Scholarship covers testing fees (such as GRE, GMAT, TOEFL), up to 4 university application fees, travel expenses, accommodation costs, textbooks, and other authorized academic expenses.

Q2: Who is eligible to apply?

A: To be eligible you must be a Nigerian citizen from a low-income background, have a record of strong academic performance, and plan to apply for international master’s or PhD programs.

Q3: When can I apply?

A: Applications open each year in January and close in April. The deadline for 2023 applications is April 30th, 2023.

Q4: How are scholarship recipients selected?

A: A rigorous selection processes reviews financial need, academic transcripts, test scores, interview performance, and future academic plans to identify the most promising candidates.


Michael Taiwo Scholarship is truly transforming lives by empowering Nigeria’s most brilliant youth to achieve their academic dreams. What started as a small scholarship in 2019 has rapidly grown to support scores of students at elite global universities.

By covering the costs of exams, applications, travel, and more, the program eliminates the financial barriers that often derail talented low-income students. Scholars praise the scholarship for enabling them to reach their full potential and attain positions of impact. As the scholarship continues expanding, it aims to fund 1000 Nigerian students over the next 5 years. Increased support will also target high-achieving highschool students to boost their chances at highly selective institutions abroad. No matter how large the program grows, its mission persists in levelling the playing field for disadvantaged talent.

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