McCall MacBain Scholarship A Gateway To Interdisciplinary Learning And Compassionate Leadership At McGill

Mccall Macbain Scholarship Introduction

McCall MacBain scholarship is an exceptionally generous and transformational full graduate scholarship for master’s and professional undergraduate programs at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Established in 2019 through a record-breaking $200 million donation from the McCall MacBain Foundation, the scholarship aims to develop thoughtful and compassionate leaders who are driven to create positive social impact.

An Opportunity For Interdisciplinary Learning And Growth

The McCall MacBain scholarship provides more than just financial support for graduate studies. Scholars become part of a diverse cohort of visionaries and gain access to a robust program of mentorship, training, and community-building. Students have the flexibility to pursue any eligible graduate program at McGill and craft their own interdisciplinary learning journey. Whether studying education, engineering, law, music, or social work, scholars are empowered to draw connections between fields and develop an integrated perspective.

Who Receives The Mccall Macbain Scholarship?

The McCall MacBain scholarship seeks out well-rounded, unconventional leaders from diverse backgrounds and fields who demonstrate remarkable initiative, resilience, and potential. Applicants must display evidence of financial need and interest in interdisciplinary learning. They should also articulate how their graduate studies and professional pursuits will drive social progress.

Landmark Gift Behind The Scholarship

Canadian business leader and philanthropist John McCall MacBain established the scholarship in 2019 with an unprecedented $200 million commitment – the largest ever private gift of its kind in Canada. For John McCall MacBain and his wife Marcy, the landmark donation reflects their deep commitment to education, responsible leadership, and humanity.

How To Login Mccall Macbain Scholarship

Step 1: Visit the McCall MacBain Scholarships website to review eligibility criteria and requirements. Make sure you meet all qualifications before applying.

Step 2: Click on the “Apply” button and create an account for the online application system. Make note of your login credentials.

Step 3: Begin filling out the online application. This includes sections like your personal details, academic history, extracurricular activities, awards/achievements, etc.

Step 4: Draft your personal statements. There are 3 separate statements you must write focused on leadership, service, and potential. Ensure your statements align with the scholarship’s ideals.

Step 5: Ask 2 referees to write you reference letters. Provide them guidance on content based on the scholarship’s criteria. Send them the reference form link.

Step 6: Confirm your referees have submitted the online reference forms by the application deadline. Follow up with them to ensure they complete it on time.

Step 7: Review and proofread your entire application before submitting it. Double check you included all required elements accurately before the deadline.

Step 8: Submit your complete application by the deadline (typically August/September). You should receive a confirmation email upon successful submission.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions at any step along the way. I’m happy to provide more guidance as you work on your McCall MacBain Scholarship application.


Q1: What programs are eligible for the scholarship?

The McCall MacBain scholarship covers any full-time master’s or second-entry professional undergraduate program at McGill University. Both course-based and research-based programs across disciplines qualify.

Q2: How many scholarships are awarded each year?

Up to 50 McCall MacBain scholars are welcomed per year out of an outstanding applicant pool.

Q3: What does the scholarship cover?

The McCall MacBain scholarship is incredibly comprehensive. It includes full funding for tuition and fees, a $25,000 CAD annual living stipend, health insurance coverage, a one-time $5,000 relocation support grant for moving costs, and access to robust programming and resources.

Q4: What obligations or commitments are expected of scholars?

Scholars must maintain good academic standing in their degree program. They also commit to participating fully in scholarship programming, events, and mentorship opportunities. Scholars may be asked to contribute to knowledge-sharing about the scholarship or serve as ambassadors in the future.


The McCall MacBain scholarship at McGill University is an unparalleled opportunity for promising, unconventional thinkers to access interdisciplinary learning, hone leadership capabilities, and join a community of change-makers. For graduate students seeking meaningful personal growth and professional impact, it is a truly life-changing program worth pursuing.

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