Lil Mabu: Net Worth, Career, Income, Education And More

Lil Mabu Introduction

In the vibrant world of hip-hop, where talent and stories intertwine, Lil Mabu emerges as a rising star with a unique narrative. Born as Matthew Peter DeLuca on April 4, 2005, this young American rapper hails from the bustling streets of Manhattan, New York. His journey from obscurity to stardom is a testament to his exceptional talent and the power of authenticity.

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Name:Lil Mabu
Date of Birth:4 April 2005
Age:18  years old
Birth Place:Manhattan, New York, United States
Education:Collegiate School

lil mabu Early Life

Lil Mabu upbringing was far from ordinary. He was born into a wealthy family that provided him with a comfortable and nurturing environment. Growing up in the lap of luxury, he enjoyed the finest things life had to offer.

A Model Student

One aspect that sets Lil Mabu networth apart from many of his contemporaries is his dedication to academics. He attended the prestigious Collegiate School, a private institution located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. During his time there, he distinguished himself as a model student, showcasing not only his musical talents but also his prowess in other areas.

lil mabu Career

The “Miss Me” Breakthrough

It didn’t take long for Lil Mabu to make his mark. In 2020, his song “Miss Me” burst onto the scene, instantly catching the ears of music enthusiasts. This track served as a breakthrough moment, a testament to his raw talent and magnetic energy.

A Unique Style

Lil Mabu is not just another rapper; he’s a trailblazer known for his energetic and infectious beats. His signature style, characterized by autotune-heavy bubblegum rap, sets him apart from the crowd. With each verse and chorus, he invites listeners into his world, one filled with catchy melodies and lyrics that resonate.

Lil Mabu Career

Lil Mabu networth, the American rap sensation hailing from the heart of Manhattan, New York, has been on an exhilarating musical journey since 2019. His career, marked by its unique twists and turns, showcases his undeniable talent and unwavering dedication to his craft. Let’s dive into the highlights of his remarkable career.

The Genesis: 2019 and Beyond

In 2019, Lil Mabu embarked on his rap journey, fueled by a passion for music that would soon make him a household name. With Manhattan as his backdrop, he set out to conquer the rap world.

“Miss Me” Breakthrough: 2020

It was in 2020 that Lil Mabu experienced his first major breakthrough. The release of his hit song “Miss Me” captured the attention of music enthusiasts worldwide. This track served as a defining moment, proving his prowess as a lyricist and performer.

International Recognition: “Mathematical Disrespect” in May 2023

May 2023 became a milestone month in Lil Lil Mabu networth career. His single “Mathematical Disrespect” not only charted but excelled in major international music charts, including those in the US, UK, and Ireland. This achievement marked his inaugural entry into worldwide major music charts, propelling him to global stardom.

Lil Mabu Education

Buckley School

Lil Mabu’s educational journey began at the Buckley School, a prestigious private institution in New York City. This elite institution is known for its rigorous academics and carries an annual tuition fee of $55,500. It was here that the young rapper laid the foundation for his academic pursuits.

Academic Excellence

During his time at Buckley, Lil Mabu distinguished himself as a standout student. His dedication to his studies and his commitment to excellence earned him recognition and accolades, including the coveted “…” (insert specific award/title if available).

What Is Lil Mabu Networth?

Music Industry Impact

Lil Mabu networth is primarily a reflection of his remarkable success in the rap industry. His music, characterized by infectious beats and captivating lyrics, has found a fervent following on popular social media platforms, with TikTok being a notable example.

A Promising Future

Despite his youth, Lil Mabu has already achieved significant milestones in the music industry. His net worth is poised to continue its upward trajectory as he continues to release music, collaborate with artists, and engage with his growing fan base.

It’s worth noting that net worth estimates can vary widely and are subject to change as an artist’s career evolves. Lil Mabu’s financial success is not only a testament to his talent but also a reflection of the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the music industry. As he continues to make waves in the world of rap, his net worth is likely to reflect his ongoing success and impact on the industry.


Q1. What is Lil Mabu real name?

Lil Mabu real name is Matthew Peter DeLuca.

Q2. When did Lil Mabu start his rap career?

Lil Mabu began his rap career in 2019.

Q3. Which song gained Lil Mabu initial traction?

Lil Mabu gained initial traction with the release of his song “Miss Me” in 2020.

Q4. What is Lil Mabu debut mixtape?

Lil Mabu debut mixtape is titled “Double M’s,” released on June 30, 2022.

Q5. Which song marked Lil Mabu entry into worldwide music charts?

Lil Mabu song “Mathematical Disrespect” charted in the US, UK, and Ireland, marking his entry into major worldwide music charts.

Q6. How does Lil Mabu respond to criticisms about his privileged background?

Lil Mabu responds to criticisms about his privileged background with humor and defiance, embracing his unique narrative.


In the world of hip-hop, Lil Mabu stands as a beacon of authenticity and talent. From his humble beginnings to his chart-topping success, his journey is a testament to the power of staying true to oneself. Despite the challenges he faces, Lil Mabu unique background and unapologetic approach set him apart as an artist with a promising future. As he continues to break barriers and defy stereotypes, the world eagerly awaits the next chapter in Lil Mabu musical odyssey.

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