Unlocking Passion, Accelerating Ambition An Overview Of IMDA Scholarships

Imda Scholarship Introduction

Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in Singapore offers a robust suite of scholarships aimed at developing homegrown talent for the technology, media, and information sectors. These scholarships play a strategic role in building a strong pipeline of skilled professionals that can power the nation’s digital economy ambitions and drive innovation.

A Launch Pad For Exciting Careers

The scholarships serve as an excellent launch pad for those interested in dynamic careers spanning different facets of tech and media. IMDA scholarships open up opportunities to work with leading companies at the cutting edge of digital transformation and leverage emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data analytics and more.

Over the years, IMDA has established partnerships with multinational corporations, government agencies, and local enterprises across sectors. Scholars get the chance to take up internships and work on impactful projects with organizations like Accenture, GovTech, IBM, Microsoft, OCBC Bank, and Singtel.

How To Apply Imda Scholarship

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Ensure you meet the citizenship, academic, and other eligibility criteria for the specific IMDA scholarship you wish to apply for. This information is provided on the IMDA website.

Step 2: Choose a Scholarship

Decide which IMDA scholarship you want to apply for – there are several options for undergraduate, postgraduate, mid-career individuals etc. Each has specific requirements.

Step 3: Prepare Supporting Documents

Gather the required supporting documents such as identity documents, educational certificates, CCA records, essays etc. Check the application guidelines for exact requirements.

Step 4: Submit Online Application

Complete the online application form available on the IMDA website. Fill in all details accurately and upload the required supporting documents.

Step 5: Attend Interview

If shortlisted, you will be notified to attend an interview. Prepare well to demonstrate your interests, knowledge and suitability for the scholarship/career path.

Step 6: Receive Outcome

IMDA will inform shortlisted candidates of the application outcome. Successful recipients will receive the scholarship award letter.

Step 7: Accept Terms

Accept the scholarship terms and conditions if offered. Proceed with the bonding agreement as instructed. Inform IMDA if you reject the offer.

Financial Support And Bond Commitments

Successful IMDA scholarship recipients enjoy comprehensive financial support covering tuition fees and living expenses during their undergraduate course. Most scholarships also come with bonding obligations whereby scholars have to work for sponsoring companies for a designated number of years (typically 2-4 years) after graduation.

This facilitates career placement with leading tech firms and helps channel talent to national priority areas aligned with Singapore’s digitalization imperatives.

Forging Connections At Scholarship Events

IMDA regularly organizes dedicated events for its scholarship community to facilitate networking and foster bonds between current and alumni scholars across different sponsoring companies. These events feature panel discussions, fireside chats, workshops and lightning talks that inspire scholars while expanding their professional network.


Q1. What benefits do IMDA scholars enjoy?

IMDA scholars receive full tuition fee coverage, a monthly stipend, one-on-one mentorship, overseas enrichment trips, numerous internship opportunities, career guidance, networking sessions with industry leaders and more.

Q2. What is the bond period for IMDA scholarships?

The bond period for most IMDA scholarships ranges from 2 to 4 years with the sponsoring company after graduation. Scholars have to serve this bond before leaving the company. The Smart Nation scholarship has a 6-year bond due to the high cost of grooming specialized talent.

Q3. Can IMDA scholars choose their own degree course and university?

IMDA scholars have some flexibility in choosing their undergraduate degree and university, in consultation with the sponsoring company. Most tech- and media-related majors from recognized local/overseas universities would be considered.

Q4. When is the application window for IMDA scholarships?

The application window for most IMDA scholarships opens around March-April every year. Prospective scholars generally apply during this period through the IMDA website or partner companies. The window stays open for 1-2 months.


The IMDA scholarships play a key role in unlocking the potential of Singapore’s technology, media and comms talent. The mixture of academic learning, industry exposure, mentor guidance and financial support allows scholars to access life-enriching opportunities. No wonder these scholarships are highly prestigious and sought-after by those looking to make their mark in exciting digital economy careers. With its strategic vision and partnerships, IMDA looks well placed to continue advancing Singapore’s progress as a Smart Nation and global ICT leader.

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