Unlocking Potential The Imarika Scholarship Program

Imarika Scholarship Intoduction

Imarika scholarship is an initiative by the Imarika Foundation in Kenya to promote access to education across the country. This scholarship program provides financial aid and support to gifted but disadvantaged students graduating from primary school, enabling them to transition to quality secondary schools. With education widely recognized as the pathway out of poverty, the Imarika Foundation seeks to level the playing field and unlock the potential of Kenya’s youth.

Overview Of The Imarika Scholarship

Imarika scholarship program was launched in 2023, coinciding with the graduation of Standard 8 pupils from their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams. Each year, the scholarship will identify 20 academically gifted students from economically challenged backgrounds, who achieved high marks in their exams but lack the financial means to progress.

The comprehensive scholarship will fully finance the students throughout their high school education, covering tuition fees, boarding costs, transport, books, and other necessities associated with attending some of Kenya’s national and extra-county schools. This allows the recipients to wholly focus on their academics.

Placement In Renowned Schools

In addition, Imarika scholarship winners get placed in some of the best national and county schools in Kenya. These schools have excellent teachers, superior facilities, and a nurturing environment for scholars to thrive.

By accessing such premium education, the students can truly maximize their potential. The schools also groom them to join prestigious universities after graduation.

Mentorship And Leadership Development

Aside from financing the scholars education, the Imarika scholarship also invests in their personal growth and leadership capabilities. Throughout high school, students undergo leadership coaching to equip them with critical life skills.

Imarika scholarship application process is straightforward if you meet the eligibility criteria. By following these key steps, you can submit a complete application for review by the selection committee:

Step 1: Obtain The Application Form

You can collect the official scholarship application forms from any Imarika Sacco branch countrywide or download soft copies from their social media channels. Ensure you acquire the right form for either the secondary school scholarship or the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) scholarship.

Step 2: Meet The Eligibility Criteria

Before filling out the forms, ensure you meet the cutoff points for either scholarship:

Secondary school scholarship – Have a minimum mean grade of 350 marks in your Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exams obtained in 2023. Candidates living with disabilities qualify at 300 marks and above. Also, demonstrate difficult economic circumstances.

TVET scholarship – Attain minimum entry KCPE marks stipulated for various TVET courses. Also, prove financial need.

Step 3: Fill The Form Accurately

Use CAPITAL LETTERS to fill out every section of the application form accurately. Any errors or missed details may compromise your application. Remember to indicate your KCPE index number as it will be used to verify your results.

Step 4: Attach Necessary Supporting Documentation

  • For the application to be complete, attach the following documents:
  • Most current KCPE results slip
  • Income statement showing family’s economic status
  • Recommendation letter from your former primary school
  • Relevant disability documents for candidates living with disabilities

Step 5: Observe Deadline

Submit printed and signed application forms at any Imarika Sacco branches countrywide. Ensure they are addressed to The Imarika Foundation and delivered before the 16th December deadline to be considered. Late applications are disqualified.

By meeting the eligibility criteria and completing all application steps, you will be successfully registered for review. Shortlisted applicants are contacted by May the following year once selection process is complete.


Q1. What is the Imarika scholarship?

The Imarika scholarship is an annual program that fully sponsors gifted but economically disadvantaged students through their high school education. It covers tuition, boarding, transport, books, and other academic expenses.

Q2. Who qualifies for the scholarship?

To qualify, you must have completed KCPE in 2023, achieved above 350 marks (300 marks for students with disabilities), and come from a family with financial difficulties.

Q3. What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship is comprehensive, covering all costs related to your education like admission fees, boarding, transport, textbooks, exam fees and stationery during the 4 years of high school.

Q4. What is the application deadline?

The deadline for submitting the application form is 16th December every year. Late applications are automatically disqualified.


Imarika scholarship has opened doors for gifted students from challenging backgrounds to access quality education. Its comprehensive sponsorship – coupled with leadership development – unlocks recipients’ potential to excel academically and secure their futures. The expansion into TVET further democratizes access by enhancing technical skills training.

Ultimately, the program invests in the endless promise and ability of Kenya’s students to transform the country. It embodies the truth that limited resources should never limit any student’s dreams.

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