Nurturing Technological Talent For National Security The DSTA Scholarship

Dsta Scholarship Introduction

Singapore’s defense capabilities rely on a corps of talented scientists, engineers and technologists. The DSTA Scholarship aims to nurture promising students keen to contribute to national security through science and technology. Established in 2000, it provides comprehensive support as scholars pursue academic and professional growth in the defense sector.

DSTA scholars enjoy fully-funded tertiary education at top local and overseas universities. Attractive allowances, internships and job opportunities upon graduation are provided. Applications open around March annually.

Nurturing Well-Rounded Talent

The program focuses on nurturing technology experts with strong critical thinking, inventiveness and communication abilities. Scholars undergo a holistic development via:

Rigorous University Education

Scholars pursue specialized degrees in relevant technological fields at top universities like NUS, NTU and prestigious overseas institutions.

Immersive Internships

They participate in intensive internships at DSTA research laboratories, getting hands-on experience in diverse areas like autonomous systems, satellite technology, cybersecurity etc.

Leadership and Technical Skills Training

Leadership, design thinking and technical skills are honed via specialized modules and workshops. These ready scholars for tackling complex real-world technological challenges.

How To Apply Dsta Scholarship

Step 1: Check Eligibility First, ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set by DSTA for the scholarship such as being a Singapore citizen or PR, having strong academic results, studying certain approved courses etc.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents Get ready all supporting documents needed like educational certificates, CCA records, recommendation letters, personal identification documents etc.

Step 3: Create Profile on DSTA Portal Go to the DSTA scholarship portal and register for an account by creating a user profile. Provide accurate personal details.

Step 4: Fill Online Application Form Log into the portal and fill out the online DSTA scholarship application form completely. Give details of your academics, achievements, interests etc.

Step 5: Upload Supporting Documents Upload scanned copies of all the relevant supporting documents as per the checklist provided in the portal.

Step 6: Submit Application Review all details filled in the application form carefully. Accept the declaration and submit the DSTA scholarship application before the deadline.

Step 7: Appear for Tests/Interviews If shortlisted, appear for assessments, tests and interviews conducted by the DSTA selection panel on given date and time. Prepare well.


Q1. What fields of study are covered under the scholarship?

The scholarship covers diverse technology-related degrees including Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Security, Physics and Mathematics.

Q2. Can I pursue postgraduate studies under the scholarship?

Yes, outstanding DSTA scholars are sponsored for postgraduate programs including master’s and PhD degrees at top universities in alignment with their specialization areas to further deepen expertise.

Q3. What is the bond period for the scholarship?

Scholars need to fulfill a 6-year bond with DSTA upon graduation where they are involved in projects related todefense technologies. The bond period enables them to apply learning and contribute effectively while gaining in-depth experience.

Q4. When does the application window open annually?

The DSTA scholarship application generally opens from November and closes by February the following year for both university and junior college students to apply.


Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) Scholarship offers a clear path for passionate students to contribute to national security by leveraging science and technology. Established with the mission of nurturing talented engineers and scientists for Singapore’s defense ecosystem, it provides comprehensive support for academic and professional advancement.

Through the fully sponsored education at top universities, specialized internships, mentorships, leadership workshops and a promising career at DSTA, scholars are nurtured into well-rounded technology experts. They are empowered to innovate, lead projects and play an instrumental role in bolstering the nation’s defense capabilities.

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