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Druski Intrduction

Get ready to dive into the fascinating world of Drew Desbordes, known professionally as Druski, an American comedian and actor who has captured the hearts of millions with his unique brand of humor. Born on September 12, 1994, Druski rise to fame has been nothing short of remarkable. In this article, we’ll explore his journey, his memorable characters, and the secrets behind his incredible success.

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Profession:Comedic influencer
Date of Birth:September 12, 1994
Age:28 years old
Birthplace:Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Height:6 feet 2 inch

Druski Early Life

A Move To Georgia

When Druski was just one year old, his family made a significant move to Georgia. This transition to a new state would mark the beginning of a journey that would eventually lead him to the world of comedy.

Sibling Connection

In the Desbordes family, laughter seems to be a shared trait. Druski has a sister named Nadia Desbordes, who is 12 years younger than him. While Druski pursued a career in comedy, Nadia chose a different path and became a volleyball player. The Desbordes family is one that embraces diverse talents and interests.

Early Inspirations

During his childhood, Druski developed a love for humor. He would often find himself engrossed in funny cartoons and movies. These early inspirations planted the seeds for his future career in comedy. Druski’s ability to make others laugh would become his defining feature.

Academically Minded Family

Druski parents are academically inclined individuals, with impressive educational backgrounds. His father is a pilot who attended Howard University and later graduated from the United States Air Force Academy. This strong educational foundation would later play a role in shaping Druski worldview and determination.

Druski Personal Life

Sibling Bond

In his family, Druski has a younger sister named Nadia Desbordes. Nadia has pursued a career in sports as a volleyball player and shares a unique bond with her older brother. The age gap of 12 years between them highlights their close-knit family connections.

Comedy Enthusiast From A Young Age

Druski Net Worth passion for comedy ignited early in his life. As a child, he was enthusiastic about humor, drawing inspiration from funny cartoons and movies. Little did he know that this early fascination would shape his future career.

A Leap Of Faith

In a daring move, Druski decided to drop out of college to chase his dreams in the world of comedy. This decision marked a significant turning point in his life, setting him on a path to stardom.

Matters Of The Heart

Druski personal life often takes a back seat to his career, but there are a few details that have surfaced. As far as public knowledge goes, Druski is not married. However, reports suggest that he has a girlfriend named Kaliah Nicole. While he’s not one to share much about his dating history or past relationships, this aspect of his life adds a layer of intrigue to the private comedian.

Druski Education

Early Schooling

Druski educational journey began at South Gwinnett High School, where his penchant for humor and making others laugh was evident from a young age. His talent for comedy seemed to get him into a bit of trouble, as he often distracted his fellow students.

Ninth-Grade Setback

In the ninth grade, Druski faced a significant setback when he failed every one of his classes for two consecutive semesters. This not only led to his removal from the football team but also resulted in him having to repeat his freshman year. It was a challenging period in his educational journey.

The Unofficial Funniest Student

Despite his academic struggles, Druski classmates recognized his comedic talent and nominated him as the funniest person in their 12th-grade cohort. Unfortunately, he couldn’t accept the honor due to a lack of credits needed for graduation. It was a bittersweet recognition of his gift for humor.

A Turning Point

Druski came to a realization during his school years. He discovered that he couldn’t focus on his studies if he was preoccupied with making his classmates laugh. This epiphany marked a turning point in his life and career.

What Is Druski Net Worth?

Diverse Income Streams

Druski Net Worth earnings come from various sources, making him a multi-faceted entertainer with a diverse income portfolio. His involvement in music videos, hosting his show, and his comedic record label are significant contributors to his revenue stream.

Stand-Up Comedy

The world of stand-up comedy is another domain where Druski shines. He reportedly earns an average of $20,000 per stand-up show, and his performances take him to various casinos across the United States, further boosting his income.

Merchandise And Endorsements

Like many in the entertainment industry, Druski capitalizes on his brand’s popularity by selling merchandise. Brand endorsements also play a role in augmenting his financial success.

Online Presence

Druski substantial following on social media platforms provides an additional source of income. His online presence allows him to engage with fans and generate revenue.


In the world of comedy, Druski Net Worth stands as a shining star, captivating audiences with his unique brand of humor. From his early days to his current popularity, Druski Net Worth journey is a testament to his talent and determination. His iconic characters, commercial success, and media features have all contributed to his remarkable rise. But at the heart of it all is his ability to create nuanced characters with brevity and precision, ensuring that every moment is filled with laughter. Druski is not just a comedian; he’s a master of his craft.

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