Coryxkenshin: Networth, Income, Career, Education, Age And More

Coryxkenshin Introduction

CoryxKenshin, an American YouTuber, has captured the hearts of millions with his unique blend of humor and gaming prowess. Since joining YouTube on April 26, 2009, he has amassed a staggering 17.2 million subscribers as of September 20th, 2023. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the life and career of CoryxKenshin, starting with his most recent introduction.

CoryxKenshin YouTube journey has witnessed an evolution in his introduction style. On March 3, 2022, he introduced a fresh and captivating introduction that has left fans in awe. Described as “kinda hot ngl, reminds me of some adult swim intermission,” this new intro has garnered significant attention. Let’s delve into what makes it special and how it reflects his unique personality.

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Birth Date:November 9, 1992
Age:30 years
Current Residence:Detroit, Michigan
Net Worth:$20 million

Coryxkenshin Introduction

Cory Devante Williams Birth And Family

CoryxKenshin, whose real name is Cory DeVante Williams, came into this world on November 9, 1992, in the vibrant city of Detroit, Michigan. He was not alone in his family journey; Cory has a brother named Anthony and a sister named Aleya. His family was supportive and played a crucial role in his upbringing.

Family Background

Cory’s father, Anthony K. Williams Jr., worked diligently at the Ford Motors Company, showcasing dedication and a strong work ethic. His mother, Stephanie, added a nurturing and caring touch to his upbringing. Their guidance and values contributed significantly to shaping Cory’s character and determination.

Coryxkenshin Career

Early Beginnings as a Gamer and Vlogger

CoryxKenshin kick-started his YouTube career as a professional gamer, immersing himself in popular titles like League of Legends and Call of Duty. While these early gaming videos showcased his gaming prowess, it was his video game playthroughs and comedic vlogging that truly captured the hearts of his audience.

In his early days on YouTube, Cory was primarily a vlogger, offering viewers a glimpse into his school life and later, his college life. This personal touch allowed his audience to connect with him on a deeper level, building a strong and dedicated fan base.

Consistency and Growth

One of the remarkable aspects of CoryxKenshin career is his unwavering commitment to consistency. He maintained a schedule of posting videos once or twice a week, a practice he has continued over the years. This consistency not only kept his audience engaged but also contributed significantly to his steady rise in popularity.

Coryxkenshin Personal Life

Furry Companion: Samson the Savage

In the midst of his online endeavors, CoryxKenshin introduced his viewers to a furry companion named Samson the Savage. Samson joined the Samurai community in May of 2016, becoming an adorable and beloved presence in Cory’s life. The inclusion of Samson in his content allowed fans to connect on a more personal level.

Home Sweet Home

CoryxKenshin calls South Lyon, Michigan, his home. He resides in a house valued at around $400,000, showcasing his achievements in the world of online content creation. His home reflects his success and provides a comfortable haven for both him and Samson.

Inspirations and Friendships

Every YouTuber has their own sources of inspiration, and for CoryxKenshin, one of those inspirations is NDTitanLady, also known as Natalie Duran. Her influence played a role in his decision to join YouTube and create content that resonates with a wide audience.

Beyond his solo YouTube journey, CoryxKenshin has cultivated friendships with other famous YouTubers, including Muyskerm, Yamimash, LordMinion777, Jacksepticeye, TearofGrace, BangBangBrandon, and many others. These friendships not only enrich his personal life but also create opportunities for collaborations and memorable content for his viewers.

What Is Coryxkenshin NetWorth?

Samurai Slice Merchandise Line

CoryxKenshin has extended his brand beyond YouTube with a merchandise line. This line includes clothing and accessories featuring his signature catchphrase, ‘samurai slice.’ The sale of merchandise items further bolsters his income and allows fans to connect with his brand in a tangible way.

Impressive Monthly and Annual Earnings

Reports suggest that CoryxKenshin monthly income exceeds $80,000, and his annual income surpasses the $1 million mark. These figures underscore the immense success he has achieved in the world of online content creation. It’s important to note that these numbers are estimates and may not provide an entirely accurate representation of his financial status.


Q1: What is CoryxKenshin real name?

A: CoryxKenshin’s real name is Cory DeVante Williams.

Q2: When and where was CoryxKenshin born?

A: CoryxKenshin was born on November 9, 1992, in Detroit, Michigan.

Q3: Does CoryxKenshin have siblings?

A: Yes, he has a brother named Anthony and a sister named Aleya.

Q4: Where did CoryxKenshin go to college?

A: CoryxKenshin initially attended Michigan State University to study Media Arts and later pursued a degree in Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor.

Q5: Why did CoryxKenshin drop out of college?

A: CoryxKenshin dropped out of college to pursue a full-time career on YouTube.

Q6: What type of content did CoryxKenshin create on YouTube in his early days?

A: In his early days on YouTube, CoryxKenshin primarily focused on vlogging, sharing insights into his school and college life.


CoryxKenshin early life is a testament to his determination and unwavering pursuit of his dreams. From his birth in Detroit to his college days and the beginnings of his YouTube journey, his life has been a journey filled with passion, creativity, and dedication. His story is an inspiration to many, showing that with hard work and persistence, one can achieve their goals and make a mark in the digital world.

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