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Chamillionaire Introduction

Chamillionaire burst onto the hip hop scene in the early 2000s with his breakout hits “Ridin’” and “Turn It Up”, showing his skills as an artist and entrepreneur. Born Rashad Phillips, Chamillionaire overcame early struggles in his life with determination and drive, becoming CEO of his own record label Chamillitary Entertainment by his mid-20s. Alongside a successful music career spanning over 15 years, Chamillionaire has expanded his business ventures into investing and tech startups. As he works on new music, including his anticipated third studio album Poison, Chamillionaire continues to inspire as a versatile artist and visionary.

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Date of Birth:28 November 1979
Age:43 years old
Height:178 cm (5 Feet 10 Inches)
Hair Colour:Black
Weight:(172 lbs) 78 kg

Chamillionaire Early Life

Chamillionaire was born in Washington D.C. in 1979 to a Muslim father and Christian mother. His family moved to Houston, Texas when he was four years old, settling in the Acres Homes neighborhood. Attending high school alongside future collaborator Paul Wall, Chamillionaire’s interest in hip hop grew as he promoted local shows in high school. He began performing and releasing mixtapes locally using the stage name “The Mixtape Messiah”.

Chamillionaire and Wall performed together as part of the group The Color Changin’ Click, including his brother Rasaq. Although the group disbanded, it set the stage for Chamillionaire’s future success through the connections and skills he developed during this period. As he later recalled, “I got my hustle from the streets.”

Chamillionaire Career

Chamillionaire burst onto the music scene in the early 2000s, gaining fame with his skillful rapping and iconic hit songs. He first made waves locally in Houston alongside collaborator Paul Wall, promoting club events while still in high school under the stage name “The Mixtape Messiah.” The building blocks for stardom were being put in place even as Chamillionaire faced trying personal struggles, using music as an outlet.

As an original member of the rap group The Color Changin’ Click alongside Wall and his brother Rasaq, Chamillionaire gained performance experience laying the groundwork for his future solo career. Although the group disbanded after just a few years, it connected Chamillionaire to key figures in Houston’s flourishing hip hop community in the 90s and early 2000s.

Chamillionaire Personal Life

Chamillionaire Net Worth 2023 Famed rapper and entrepreneur Chamillionaire has largely kept details of his personal relationships out of the public eye over his 20-plus year career. However, some insights have emerged that speak to the supportive foundation he’s built with family that grounds him. Preferring to keep private life private, Chamillionaire focuses interviews on discussing his music and businesses. But the family ties clearly motivate his drive for success across his varied pursuits.

Longtime Partner

Chamillionaire Net Worth 2023While little is shared publicly about his romantic relationships, Chamillionaire has been in a long-term partnership with a woman named Deetra. keeping their relationship very private. While rarely discussing Deetra in interviews, Chamillionaire has shared they met when he was coming up in the music industry over 15 years ago. As such, Deetra has likely been a source of support throughout his changing career fortunes.

Son And Fatherhood

Chamillionaire Net Worth 2023 In 2010, Chamillionaire and Deetra expanded their family when they welcomed son Xavier. Becoming a father clearly impacted Chamillionaire greatly based on the few comments he’s given to the media about his son. As he told Vibe magazine in 2011 on balancing business and fatherhood: “You have a whole other person that looks up to you.”

Chamillionaire Education

While acclaimed hip hop artist and entrepreneur Chamillionaire has kept much of his personal history private over his decades-long career, a few details have emerged about his early life. Most notably, Chamillionaire spent his teenage years in Houston, Texas sharpening his rap skills and work ethic. His high school years paved the way for his future success.

Houston Upbringing

Chamillionaire Net Worth 2023 Born in Washington D.C. but raised in Houston from age four, Chamillionaire’s formative years were shaped by the city’s dynamic hip hop culture. Settling with his family in the northwest area, music became his passion at an early age as he promoted local rap shows. Houston’s robust underground scene influenced him.

High School Hustle

Attending high school in Houston’s suburbs, Chamillionaire met fellow future rap star Paul Wall. The two spent after-school hours collaborating on music and performances.

Under the stage name “The Mixtape Messiah,” Chamillionaire worked tirelessly during high school distributing homemade demo tapes to promote himself and Mont Belvieu-based rap group The Color Changin’ Click he co-founded with Wall.


Chamillionaire Net Worth 2023 Over a trailblazing career spanning more than fifteen years and still evolving, Chamillionaire stands out as a versatile hip hop artist and forward-thinking businessman.

Bursting onto the Houston music scene in the 1990s alongside collaborator Paul Wall, Chamillionaire’s determined work ethic quickly set him apart. After years spent independently releasing mixtapes, his 2005 major label debut album “The Sound of Revenge” became his mainstream breakthrough, led by the infectious number one hit “Ridin’.”

However, Chamillionaire was determined not to be a one-hit wonder. After wins at the Grammys and BET Hip Hop Awards, he continued nurturing his entrepreneurial passions into investments and technology. From joining venture capital firm Upfront Ventures to founding a social media app company, Chamillionaire stays committed to building his legacy across music and business worlds.

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