Ben Mallah’s Net Worth, Wife, Age, and More

If there is one person that justifies the phrase of rags to riches, it is Ben Mallah. He is one of the most popular and renowned businessmen and entrepreneurs in the United States who is known for his inspiring story of working the ladder of success from having nothing to becoming a millionaire in his 50s.

Originally named Benjamin Mallah, this entrepreneur’s life has been a roller coaster ride that is an ode of inspiration to millions of people around the world. For someone who started with nothing, this real estate mogul is known for his assets and businesses across the world. 

If you want to be inspired about his known as want to get a glimpse into Ben Mallah’s net worth and everything surrounding his career, hold on tight.

Who is Ben Mallah and How was his early life?

Born on October 29th, 1965, Ben Mallah was born to a very low-income family residing in New York. Due to the striking poverty and lack of stable income, Mallah spent the majority of his childhood in the ghettos around New York. Several interviews with his business mogul have revealed how he lived his early life surrounded by criminals and was in desperate need of fleeing from that spot.

The lack of family income also forced Mallah to drop out of school at the age of 14. Since he had his back against the wall, Mallah didn’t want to rely on his parents for money and started working multiple jobs in different shops around New York to earn and save up.

Mallah has also said in multiple interviews after his success that he blamed his parents for the fateful childhood that he grew up with. He said that even with the limited and low income that his parents had, they didn’t spend even a little on the three kids that they had, which included Mallah and his two siblings.

He further reiterated saying that it was the constant deprivation and lack of money which pushed him to get multiple jobs and save enough for a better future.

Even after years, Mallah has consistently blamed his parents for the initial life that they gave him. He blames them for surrounding and exposing him to the terrors of crime and drugs. Even his uncle, who is named the same as him, was convicted for the possession of drugs.

But, it is what life throws at you that shapes you as a person and this is one principle that Mallah swears by. He believes that it was his bad exposure in childhood and early life that made him resilient and the person he is today.

During his early years of working multiple jobs, Mallah started by working as an errand boy for a local business that was located on Wall Street. It was later when he turned 17 that he decided to join the army and he did. Mallah credits that phase of his life as rewarding as that was what shaped him into a disciplined person.

How was the Career Growth of Ben Mallah?

Ben Mallah is a popular entrepreneur who has multiple streams of income and has a stable lifestyle after the wretched childhood he had to endure. Although he is the owner of multiple firms and companies, it is his impacts on the real estate industry that made him known to the world. 

It was in January 1990 that Mallah stepped into the field of real estate and wanted to test out his luck at the business. 

His knack for real estate came from a former employer.

After completing his service in the army, Ben came back and landed a job as a garbage collector in Oakland. While the job didn’t seem very exciting at first, Mallah always wanted to give his best to any work that he did. Impressed by his expertise, the employer then promoted him to the job and gave him a job role to look over the property. The promotions kept on coming since Mallah did a very good job at his work.

Just within a few months of work, Mallah was appointed for managing all the available properties of the employer, giving him his first taste into real-estate and how profitable the market is. After working for that employers for some time, Mallah resigned and then joined Wilton’s Marwil investment where he worked to sell and buy homes for profit.

Seeing how profitable the niche was, Ben tapped into the industry full-time. When he joined actively, the real-estate niche was experiencing growth and uproar, allowing Mallah to grow and do better in his business.

He started exploring and finding homes with the kind of previous experience that he had on his hands. During his first deals in the real estate industry, Mallah bought a home for 9 million dollars and then sold the same for 12 million, bringing in a steep 3 million profit.

Seeing the first sight of success, Mallah started exploring his field more and more, expanding his business to more areas, including Tampa Bay. The objective of his real estate firm at the time was to buy the dilapidated properties and then sell them for an upper price. He further said that his business plans succeeded because he flipped his profits right and make the right investments too. 

Not just home, Mallah has invested in deserted shopping malls and even hotels that had the potential but lacked the knowledge of the business. His first steep and gobsmacking profit was when he made a profit of $10 million from a single deal of a home in Tampa Bay.

He then went on to invest in notable sites like Hawthorne Suites, Marina at the Johns Pass, and even a popular property around Disney World. Ever since the beginning of his journey in the field of real-estate, Mallah has managed to buy and sell over 4000 different types of properties.

But, Mallah’s career isn’t just limited to real estate, as we mentioned. He is into other fields of income, including the selling and buying of varying luxury items. 

Relationships and Marriage

While Ben Mallah’s childhood has been extremely traumatic and bad, he has managed to settle down and have a very content life now. He is married with three children, working to provide the absolute best life to them.

In an interview, Mallah mentioned that he prioritizes his family over anything and makes it a point to spend the weekends with the kids and wife. They go out on yacht trips or even Disney.

He has also successfully trained his oldest to lead the real-estate business in the future. He lives with his family and owns a luxurious mansion worth $1.5 million in Largo.

The net worth of Ben Mallah

Just the mention of all the basic details should be enough for you to understand how filthy rich Ben Mallah is. His current net worth is $250 million, as per the available data of March 2021.

Mallah’s story is not just inspiring to many, it is motivating for people who want to make it big in their life. His story is an example that you don’t need to be born with wealth to make it big, it is sometimes all in your determination.

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