5 CBD Vape Pen Flavors You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Innovation has two origins. One is desperation, and the other is curiosity. The edibles of different flavors we eat are often a result of both. In the distant past, the civilizations around water bodies constantly strive for more food resources. It was due to the vast food shortage and their dependency on seasons. The food options were quite limited, and they were mostly staples. Another reason was their minimal maintenance compared to other complicated but tasty crops. Several records exist of human civilizations basing their existence on and around wheat and other staple crops.

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However, it changed with time. It was due to the less reliance on seasonal weather for food crops, which was possible due to several technological advancements. Humans started to add taste to their plates. Many inventions were around improving the taste of various edibles. It was why we often find flavors like mint, blueberries, and many more in our edibles. The modern era of food edibles has drastically changed the dynamics of the food industry. One can now find different flavors for the same product and company. It is due to companies trying to cater to every customer’s choice.

The same reflects in the other industries. For example, the beverage and recreational industries house various products with different flavors. They come from fruits and even vegetables. Mint, which has herbal origins, is also a popular addition. One who is a beginner or wants to experiment might find themselves confused about the options available. One such category is the CBD vape pen, which has become popular in the present century. We will discuss the different flavors in these vape pens and their potential advantages for the consumers.

What is CBD?

The Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa plant is the source of many Marijuana-based products. Many botanists claim it belongs to Asian countries. The leaves of the Sativa plant have various enzymes. One of them is known as the Hemp extract. These leaves require more than 10 hours of daily sunlight for proper growth. The leaves then go through a manual process, which extracts the Hemp component. The Hemp extract then undergoes controlled decomposition, which leads to the formation of CBD extract. It is a subset of Marijuana-based products itself. A study by Fortune Business insights states that the global market size of Marijuana-based products is worth more than 20 billion US dollars globally. These products include oil, vape juices, gummies, and many more.

CBD seems to be the top product of the Marijuana-based markets. Furthermore, it has experienced an increase of more than 10% from the preceding year.

Why Vaping?

Vaping has become popular among individuals because it is the best alternative to other recreational activities. However, smoking and drinking addiction can cause harmful effects on one’s health. A study from the Central Disease Control And Prevention suggests that more than 15 million individuals suffer from ailments from smoking annually in the United States of America. It is due to the harmful constituents present in tobacco-related smoking products.

Vaping seems the healthier alternative from every corner. The vape juice has minimal nicotine when compared to other smoking products. It is one of the primary causes why it has picked up pace recently. A study by SingleCare suggests more than 40 million electronic cigarette users annually globally. The increasing market trend has also led to an abundance of innovative products. There are many flavors to pick from.

The 5 Must Not Miss CBD Vape Pen Flavors

These are the five best CBD Vape pen flavors that you must get your hands on as soon as possible-

  1. Strawberry

Strawberry is famous for its soothing and sweet taste. It is a common addition to various edibles and desserts. The sweet taste often makes it a favorite of many adults. In addition, the fruit has many health advantages for the metabolism and immunity of the consumer. The CBD Vape juices also can have strawberry flavor mixed inside them.

 Strawberry-flavored CBD Vape juices are the favorite of young adults. It might impart the fumes a sweet smell and further soothe the consumer’s receptors in the brain. One might also find the flavor mixed with other organic extracts like mint.

  • Pineapple

Pineapple is a famous hub for various vitamins and minerals. For many, it is the favorite part of their fruit salad. The plant grows perfectly in tropical conditions and can have some attached leaves on the top. Pineapple has an excellent tendency to be the perfect organic mixer in various edible recipes. It can also mix with the already present Hemp extract in the vape juice. It imparts its freshness and gives fumes a creamy flavor.

  • Blueberries

Blueberries are the favorite sweet and sour edible option for many. They originate from flowering plants, which can be of varying types. These berries have many antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties and a blissful smell. The flavor of these fruits can combine with the ingredients in the CBD Vape juices. The fumes can then interact with the consumer’s metabolism and have that wonderful smell. Blueberries are the favorite of many consumers during the summer season.

  • Tropical Breeze

Tropical places and weather are always a magnet for many individuals. The light breeze and the sunny climate is often the most desirable place for a vacation. These regions’ cuisine also invites many individuals worldwide. To replicate the same several tropical fruits like pineapple, banana, and many more go inside the CBD vape juice. These impart a particular smell to the fumes and make it refreshing for the consumers.

  • Mint

Mint is probably the most typical flavor of any edibles. The demand for the same depends on the varying season. For example, the market shoots up in summer due to the refreshing effect it has on consumers. The mint flavor binds well with the CBD Vape juice and makes the fumes have a cooling impact on the consumer.


The vaping industry has expanded rapidly recently. The increase in demand has also meant no shortage of new products and flavors. The flavors stated above are only a few of the available flavors in the market. The latest trend is to mix two more flavors as per consumer wishes. One should always visit their medical expert before starting their vaping journey. In a controlled manner, it might be safer than the harmful tobacco-related products on the market.

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