What Happened To Not Gay Jared?

The talk show “Louder with Crowder,” hosted by Steven Crowder is a very popular one among the audience. If you watched the show, you must know who Not Gay Jared aka Jared Monroe is.

Jared Monroe was one of the core team members of the show. But he suddenly quit the show in 2018. His sudden disappearance from the show has raised many questions in the mind of the audience. We are here to answer all your doubts.

If you are wondering what happened to Not Gay Jared, you must give this article a read.

Who exactly Not Gay Jared is?

Not Gay Jared aka Jared Monroe is a well-known media personality and conservative political commentator. He used to be one of the producers and core cast members in the popular talk show Louder with Crowder.

He worked for the program for three years but suddenly called quits in 2018. His sudden disappearance from the show has led to many rumors. But no one is sure why or what made him take such a decision.

Why did Not Gay Jared leave the show?

Being a core cast member, Jared was loved by the audience. He was mainly popular because of his opinions on ‘gay’ related topics. As a right-wing commentator, he also discussed various other topics on the show.

He used to co-host the show with Steven Crowder. During his time on the show, he became quite popular because the audience found him entertaining. He even got involved in other sketches and talk-shows. 

Jared mainly spoke about gay privilege and gender roles. This attracted a certain section of the audience who enjoyed watching him give his opinions. After giving his three years and receiving so much love from the audience, he announced his departure on 18th August 2018.

This was a sudden blow to the audience as he announced one of the episodes. According to Jared, he quit the show because he and his partner were about to have a baby.

But that didn’t settle well with the audience. There were rumors on social media that he left the show because of financial issues. Based on rumors, the show was facing a long-standing financial crisis and many of the cast members were not even given their salary. 

An unknown person tweeted that Jared owed around $10k to someone named Sven Computer in unpaid wages. The financial crisis was tearing the crew apart. However, there is nothing that would prove these rumors to be true.

Neither Steven nor Jared spoke about the matter in open. They didn’t even discuss the reason why Jared left the show. Everything remains to be a mystery.

Jared Monroe was loved because of his witty opinions and remarks on topics like “gay privilege.” His topics entertained the audience. But no one knows why he suddenly quit the show. Viewers are still wondering what happened to him and whether the rumors are true. Well, that’s all we know about Jared Monroe.

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