Accidentally dropped water on your iPhone or has someone splashed water on your device? Or Afraid of dropping your iPhone in water, causing damage to the charging slot or speakers? Then you don’t have to worry, we have brought in an Apple Siri Water eject shortcut in this article for you to overcome this fear. Siri has launched a powerful shortcut called Water Eject shortcut for you to remove water droplets from inside of your iPhone, iPad or iPod speakers. Water eject is quite a simple and elegant shortcut, Water eject is a very powerful shortcut designed by Siri in order to provide protection against water damage. Water eject generates an ultra-low sound wave frequency of 165Hz that thrusts the moisture and small droplets of water outside from your iPhone speakers cavity system and protects your premium Apple devices from accidental contact with water. Water Eject, also known as a clever shortcut from Siri, brings in the Apple watch inspired water eject functionality to the iPhone. Water eject software makes it really easy for iPhone users to get water out of their iPhone or any other iOS device’s speaker grills.

Water eject has a variety of great and useful features. Siri has very carefully created the design of water eject shortcut keeping in mind the modern times an industry-leading design that provides a very easy to use interface to use its users. Water eject comes in with a built-in update system and many more features, the aim of water eject is to provide its users with the seamless and flawless user experience that can be made possible in a Siri shortcut.

Let’s get into more details on Water eject with the help of this article.

Apple in its latest iPhones have introduced the feature of water resistance, also the latest iPhones come in with an IP68 rating. This rating allows its user to take the iPhone underwater during the time you are going for a swim or can even use it during the shower. But this water resistance is not good for speakers, and you will probably hear the muffed up sound as the water goes inside the speaker grills. To solve all of this Siri has come up with the water eject shortcut.

All the iPhones that are released after the iPhone comes in with water-resistant, even some of the latest available versions like iPhone 11 can even stay underwater up to 2 meters for approximately 30 minutes. But sometimes the water accumulated inside speaker grills may sometimes take a little more time to clear up than expected. Here comes the most helpful shortcut from Siri, the water eject shortcut that will quickly and efficiently remove water from your device.

Water eject is a very clever shortcut from Siri that resolved the issue of water accumulation by ejecting it out from the speaker grills. Water eject Siri shortcut plays a high-frequency sound wave of 165Hz that forces the water out of the grills or charging port. The functionality of the water eject Siri shortcut is quite similar to the water eject feature that is available in the Apple Watch, as it also ejects water out by playing a sound through the speakers.

Whenever you run the water eject sir shortcut on your device you can actually see the water ejecting or coming out of the speaker’s grills and this is how the water eject sir shortcut works, in a simple and quiet easy to use manner. Before using the water eject Siri shortcut on your iPhone, it is advised to first check if your iPhone provides the water resistance facility or not. As the iPhone before iPhone 7 are not water-resistant and by submerging them into the water may lead to permanent damage, as water eject can only help to remove water in speaker grills but not inside the device.

Water eject is an untrusted shortcut that would require you to turn on the ‘Allow untrusted shortcuts’ setting on your device.

Below is the list of few iPhone devices that are water-resistant, in which you download and install the water eject Siri shortcut to remove water from grills.

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7

How to download and Use Water Eject Siri Shortcut?

You can search for a water eject Siri shortcut using the safari web browser on your iPhone. You can use any of the trusted links that are displayed on your screen to download the water eject Siri shortcut. Once you have successfully added the water eject Siri shortcut to your device, you can simply run it by a single tap on its icon.

As soon as you tap on the icon of the water eject Siri shortcut to run it, the shortcut will ask you to click on ‘begin water ejection’, again click the option you will see the app working. Water eject sir shortcut is even compatible with Siri voice command and you may simply ask Siri to run the water eject Siri shortcut by saying ‘Hey Siri, run water eject shortcut’.

Once you run the shortcut you can see water coming out of the speaker grills, and once everything is out there won’t be any more buffed up sound coming out of the speakers. Water eject shortcut can be quite handy in many such situations, and we highly recommend you to download and install the water eject shortcut on your device, so that you always have it handy and can access the shortcut whenever required.

List of some of the basic features water eject shortcut offers in its latest versions:

  • Speed at which the water is boosted out of your device is very fast and so is quite impressive
  • Issues with shortcut updates that were not working in some of the devices has been fixed permanently, and thus water eject shortcut provides seamless experience
  • Setup screen has removed
  • Shortcut action size has been reduced
  • For older devices the performance of water eject shortcut is highly improved

Final Verdict

Water eject Siri shortcut is one of the highly recommended and popular apps, as even after having a water-resistant iPhone you may face problems of water being accumulated in the speaker grills, which will lead to muffed up sound. But with the water eject shortcut this is no more an issue, this shortcut is very easy to use and has a very user-friendly interface. With some simple click water eject Siri shortcut is ready to use.

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