5 Tools That Help to Extract Data from Images

Extracting data from images is sometimes essential for students, job-holders, and even businessmen. They may need to use that data for any purpose, like doing research or using the facts mentioned in the images.

There are two different ways to extract data; manually write down all the material and use the image to text converters. Both of these methods are beneficial for users. Manual extraction is helpful when you don’t have a lot of data to copy. However, in another case, the manual method could waste your time. That’s why you should prefer online tools over the first method when you have to copy a lot of data.

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Multiple online tools are very beneficial when it comes to extracting data from images. Those tools use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to do the task as it brings accuracy to the results. This technology effectively brings data from images, PDF files, and scanned documents.

Here are the five best tools that use OCR to allow users to extract data from images.

1.    Image to Text Converter – DupliChecker

DupliChecker is among the best tools-based websites that help business owners, SEO experts, designers, and freelancers in many ways. Unfortunately, discussing all of its tools is almost impossible in a single blog. So, keeping our discussion relevant to the topic.

This platform offers an image to text converter that uses OCR technology to extract data from the image files accurately. This free-to-use tool not only assures accuracy but the safety of your documents as well. If you have to extract data from your confidential files, you don’t need to worry at all. This platform offers security as it doesn’t save any data on its servers. Once your work is done, your data is automatically deleted. You can access the tool with thi link: https://www.duplichecker.com/image-to-text-converter.php.

Furthermore, using this online picture to text converter is easy for everyone. All you need is to upload the image, check the captcha and press the convert image button. Once you press the button, the tool will start working, and you will get your desired file within a few seconds. Another feature that makes it a great choice to convert images is that it can get the data from low-resolution pictures.

2. Picture to Text Converter – SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is a well-known platform in the SEO world, but only a few people know that it also offers a photo to text converter. This tool helps users quickly get the data they want. Using this image to text converter you can save a lot of your time and effort. It can convert your files within a few seconds without any issue. This picture to text converter also relies on OCR technology, which ensures accuracy.

This platform offers data security, the primary concern of many people.

3.    ImageToText.info

ImageToText.info uses modern-day technologies to bring data from images. It uses an AI-based solution for accuracy. Furthermore, it is also free to use like other tools mentioned in this article. Additionally, it supports multiple languages like Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, etc. Using this tool, you can also get hand-written data from images. Usually, some low-quality tools don’t extract hand-written text from images as they cannot recognize different fonts and handwriting.

If you don’t have an image on your mobile phone and want to get the data from the pictures uploaded online, you should prefer this tool as it extracts data from images using URLs.

4.    Photo to Text Converter – SearchEngineReports

Here is another incredible tool that you can use for this purpose. It offers various exclusive benefits to the users, which is why many internet users rely on this. To use this tool, you don’t need to pay even a single penny and can convert an unlimited number of pictures into text without any issue. Besides that, you also don’t need to install any extension, software, or specific browser to use this tool. You can use this photo to text converter on your desktops as well as mobile phones.

It also supports various image file formats. So, you don’t need to convert your images first to other formats.

5.    CardScanner.co

Here is the last tool on the list. This image-text generator also uses OCR technology to bring data from images. It is as accurate as other tools, which is why it has gained the trust of many online users. They prefer it due to its user-friendly interface and easy process. CardScanner has also developed a mobile application that allows mobile users to do all the tasks easily.


In the last few years, many online tools have been developed to help people convert images into text and use that for various purposes. However, before choosing a specific tool, you must consider many factors, including privacy, user-friendly interface, and ease of converting.

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