How to Download Movies from Tamildhool?

Are you a Tamil movie buff? If yes, Tamildhool is hands down one of the best websites that you can get your hands on, especially if you don’t want to go an extra mile for paying for the subscription of the various platforms that host Tamil and other South Indian language movies. The good thing about Tamildhool is that it’s free. It doesn’t require any subscription fees and it doesn’t require you to go an extra mile for registering or signing up on the website. Everything is in easy grasp, meaning that you wouldn’t have to worry about security or privacy issues with the website.

However, not every person who knows about free movie downloading websites like Tamildhool knows how to download movies from the website directly. If you are one of those people, we got your back. 

In this article, we will be discussing everything there is to know about Tamildhool, its features, and how you can download your desired movies directly onto your device.

About Tamildhool

If the introductory paragraph wasn’t a giveaway, Tamildhool is a popular movie downloading website that primarily hosts Tamil movies. However, the website isn’t restricted to just one language. You can find a range of other South Indian language movies alongside some occasional Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well.

This is a pirated movie website, which means that the content available on this platform is generally sourced from third-party applications or copyrighted sources. This puts them at heightened risks of getting banned or restricted, something that most of the other pirated websites experience too.

The good thing about the Tamildhool website is the fact that it’s been live for a few years, which means that you wouldn’t have to worry about security or privacy issues with this one at all. Besides Tamil movies, the platform also hosts a range of amazing Tamil TV shows that you can binge-watch to your heart’s desire.

In case the website gets banned by Google or other search engines in your country, chances are that you’d need to look for mirror or alternative websites for the platform.

What are the features of Tamildhool?

Coming to the features of Tamildhool, there are quite a few standout ones that are worth looking into. Keep in mind that the website is available for free, which means that the expenses are paid via ad revenue. So, you will have ads pop up on the website from time to time and you need to accept that if you want to download movies and shows for free.

Following are some of the best features of Tamildhool:

  • Organized and minimal layout

The first and most important standout feature of Tamildhool is the layout of the website. It features an organized homepage and website layout, meaning that you wouldn’t have to be overwhelmed when you first open the website. 

Not only are the movies and TV shows sorted out into individual categories and sections, but the website also doesn’t have everything smackdown on the homepage. This prevents the website from looking very jagged and crowded. 

  • Has an app

If the website or desktop version doesn’t work for you, Tamildhool has its application. This means that you can seamlessly download it to your phone and call it a day. It enables you to download your favorite movies and shows directly onto your phone so you can watch them offline whenever you feel like it.

Having the application also reduces the risks of the platform getting banned. This means that even if the browser website gets taken down, you at least have the application to watch movies from. Just ensure that you check all the privacy settings before you end up downloading and using the application.

  • Seamless page speed

When it comes to free movie downloading websites, the one thing the users are often worried about is the slow download or lagging page speed. With Tamildhool, you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore, primarily because the website is highly optimized and opens and loads in seconds without lags and delays.

If you are tired of the constant buffering and want to invest in a website that is responsive and does the job well, Tamildhool is a pretty great option to start with.

  • Variety of content

When you think of Tamil movies on a free movie website, you’d normally think that it will include movies and TV shows that are old and have been released years ago. That isn’t the case with Tamildhool. With this website, you get an enriching list of content that you can watch over by downloading. From the newer movies and shows to the old ones, it consists of everything that you can likely think of.

Besides Tamil movies and TV shows, the platform also hosts a range of other South Indian and Bollywood, and Hollywood movies that you can download and watch too. The predominance of South Indian movies is more as compared to other ones.

  • Free website

With more and more OTT platforms popping up now and then, subscription-based platforms are gaining more prominence. This means that you’d hardly find websites that host free movies and TV shows, especially when they are focused on regional languages like Tamil. However, websites like Tamildhool make it a lot more accessible for the users, meaning that you won’t have to compromise on finding free movie downloading websites anymore. 

The website is not just free; you also don’t have to worry about registrations and other associated issues.

How to download movies from Tamildhool?

With so many different movies downloading websites, it does become a little confusing for users to find the ideal standpoint to the process of downloading movies. Some rely on the simple direct download process, while a few others prefer streaming the content.

Whatever is your choice, we’d recommend that you follow the steps we have mentioned for easier navigation:

  • Start by opening your browser and then searching for Tamildhool
  • Once the search results pop up, click on the very first link and open the website
  • Once you are on the homepage, it is a smoother ride from there. 
  • You can either navigate through the homepage and look for the movies that you want to download or you can use the search box to find the specific movie or show and check whether it is available
  • Once it pops up on the search results, you can click on the thumbnail and open the movie’s page in a new tab
  • From there, navigate down to the bottom of the video player to find the download link.
  • Most of the time, clicking on the download link might redirect you to a different ad page, however, close it and return to the homepage and your download should commence. 
  • Generally, make sure that you have a high-speed internet connection because Tamildhool hosts HD-quality movies, and the download files can be pretty large.

Is Tamildhool a legal website?

Despite what you might think of the website and the application, it is not a legal platform. This means that all the content that is published on the website is sourced from third-party platforms. Most of the time, the website hosts copyrighted content, putting its website at risk of getting banned or restricted.

There are times when the website also hosts recently launched movies and shows within a week of release, affecting the viewing rate of the same. So, we’d recommend that you at least appreciate the hard work of the creators and watch the movies and shows on the legal OTT platforms or theatres before you resort to free platforms like Tamildhool.

If this is your first time knowing about Tamildhool, we hope this article gives you all the answers that you have been looking for. However, with this article, we intend to provide general information. In no way are we promoting piracy and similar issues, contrary to popular beliefs. We don’t want our readers to choose pirated content over the original content. If you find the website releasing the content on the same day as the original release, we’d recommend prioritizing watching the show in the theatre or via legal platforms.


Is Tamildhool a safe website?

Despite being a free movie website with not much of a background, Tamildhool is one of the few websites that is free and doesn’t end up charging you anything for download. However, just because it’s a free website doesn’t mean it’s unsafe. So, don’t worry about that at all.

Is Tamildhool banned in India?

No, if you search for Tamildhool on your browser, it does pop up on the search results, which means that it isn’t banned or restricted at the moment. However, given that the platform is a pirated movie website, there are high chances of it getting banned.

Do I have to register at Tamildhool?

No, the website is not just free, it also doesn’t require any kind of subscription, registration, or sign-up. You can directly go on the website and start your hunt for your favorite movie without any repercussions at all.

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