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Exactly who is Nichol Kessinger at this point, and where has she been? The inquiry against Chris Watts’s alleged girlfriend is still active. Nichol Kessinger is an ordinary American woman who rose to fame as the girlfriend of serial killer Chris Watts. Her ex-boyfriend was found guilty of murdering his pregnant wife and their two daughters in August 2018. Watts, a notorious criminal, accused Nichol, a longtime friend and comrade, of participating in the criminal operations of the family before he handed himself in.

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Check out the details about her down below:

When asked why he shot and killed his wife, Chris Watts had no satisfactory answer.

Chris Watts’ cold-blooded murder of his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and his two kids, Celeste and Bella, has resurfaced following the disclosure of his girlfriend’s interrogation by police. After first burying his wife and kids, Watts put their bodies in oil tanks.

Watts was driven by a desire to begin anew with his mistress, Nichol Kessinger. Nichol explains her relationship with Chris, including how she started seeing him after assuming Watts had divorced his wife, in a three-hour film produced by Shannan’s family and shown to the public.

Exactly who is this Nichol Kessinger person? The Specifics of Her Parents

Chris Watts’ ex-girlfriend was named Kessinger. She entered this world in 1988 in Colorado, USA. Her childhood and adolescence remain a mystery. But her dad’s name is Dwayne Kessinger. An expert in the realm of electricity.


Kissinger stated that she graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in geology in 2013. Nichol also studied geology and earth science at the Community College of Aurora, from which he graduated with a degree in geosciences.

Career Path of Nichol Kessinger

After finishing college, Nichol went straight into the accounting field. She has a background in engineering and was a field engineer. Over ten years after her time in those roles, Kissinger joined Halliburton as a MWD Field engineer.

After that, she became a project manager at RK Mechanical. It was at Anadarko Petroleum, where she also worked, that she met her future spouse. She had been in charge of the company’s environmental section before. The unfortunate news is that she was fired a few days after CW was, too.

The year when Nichol Kessinger and Chris Watts first met. A Quick Fling

In the introduction, it was mentioned that Kessinger and her ex-boyfriend had met at their respective workplaces at Anadarko Petroleum. Kessinger was working in the environment department, and Watts was an operator when we first met. Watts and the other operators, she told the Denver Post, used to wait in the kitchen. But Nichol didn’t say a word to him.

In the middle of June 2018, after some time had elapsed, Watts went to her office to formally introduce himself. Watts impressed Nichol since he didn’t wear a wedding ring although still being married to Shanann Cathryn Rzucek.

Eventually, they began spending time together at work. Chris eventually told her he and his wife had recently divorced. He also revealed that he has two kids from a previous relationship.

Nichol contacted the police and the FBI.

Chris told his fiancée in a text message on August 13th, 2018, that he and his family had disappeared. What he told Nichol was that his wife had taken the kids out for a play date and hadn’t returned. While Kessinger was worried, she opted to overlook his casual response. The reality, however, was revealed at a press conference held at Chris Watt’s residence later that night.

Nichol realised that her boyfriend had lied to her about the divorce once she found out that her ex-wife, Shannan, was 15 weeks pregnant. For hours that night, she had been calling and messaging him in an attempt to confront him and seek answers about the abduction.

Chris didn’t seem concerned about his disappearance, as Nichol later explained to The Denver Post. He evaded her inquiries about his vanishing family members with fabricated explanations.

These are the things that Mistress Watts said about him:

He lied to me so often that I finally cut off all communication with him until he found his family.

She started to doubt Chris’s account of what happened to his family, so she went to the Weld County Sheriff’s Office to report him. Kessinger called the FBI to report the disappearance of a pregnant woman and her two children, promising to “do anything I could.”

It’s possible that Nichol Kessinger was involved in the murder, as she deleted multiple communications after the crime was committed.

According to an interview with the police working the case, Nichol deleted some of the messages she sent to Chris, which is highly suspicious and casts severe question on her role in the murder.

In a two-hour interview, she finally admitted, “I was just pretty freaked out by him.” I didn’t understand what was going on. I don’t need to be constantly reminded that you lied to me whenever I look at my phone. As a result, I made the call to dispose of it. Now that I know he lied to me, I’ve deleted all of his messages. The guilt I felt for having done so compelled me to want to forget it.

A new Netflix video details the grisly murder of the Watts family.

The murders of Chris Watts’s wife Shannan, his two young children, and their unborn child are the subject of a Netflix documentary. Shocking murder drama “American Murder: The Family Next Door” debuted on September 30, 2020.

When did Nichol Kessinger disappear? Her Prospects After the Watts Family Murder Trial

Nichol has vanished after providing her statement to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Nobody has any idea of her whereabouts or current activities. While others assume she is safe in the Witness Protection Program, her whereabouts are unknown. She also noted that it would be challenging to walk out in public on occasion for a few years.

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