Who is Mariette Detotto? Where is she now 2021?

Mariette Detotto has always been in the news because of her mysterious relationship with Walter Mercado, who is a popular astrologer. The couple had probably had the weirdest and confusing relationship in Hollywood.

Mariette’s alleged relationship with Walter has sparked a lot of fire in the public over time. But with Walter passing away in 2019, Mariette Detotto is too out of the scene. Many of you want to know what happened to Detotto and where is she now. In this post, we will tell you everything we know about her.

About Mariette Detotto

Mariette Detotto is a Brazilian actress, model, and dancer. She was born on 26th October 1963. She was mainly popular as an actress but started getting more recognition after she met Walter on his trip to Brazil. According to reports, the two got along well and got close in their first meeting itself.

Walter had suggested Mariette move out of Brazil as doing so would help her career rise. Not just that, but he also helped her move out of Brazil by inviting her to Miami. He even offered her the position of a presenter.

Many of you may not know this but Mariette was a divorcee. She had just got out of her marriage when she met Walter. Reports state that she enjoyed the company of the astrologer and that he gave her peace.

Since the time Mariette moved out of Brazil, she was always spotted beside Walter wherever he went. It was the start of their beautiful relationship. She even accompanied him on international tours. But the couple took some a long time before opening about their relationship.

It was in 2004 when Walter spoke about his bond with Mariette. He went on to say that the relationship they share is sincere and pure. He also said that he loves her so much that he will marry her one day. He treated her as his soul mate.

We do not know what went wrong, but a decade later he denied his relationship with Mariette. He even said that he never had anyone in his life. All his sexual energy is channeled into praying for others who need it and helping the world make a better place.

No one knows what made Walter made such a statement. As far as Mariette is concerned, she never faced the media or said anything about Walter’s comment on their relationship.

Mariette And Walter’s Relationship

Mariette Detotto and Walter Mercado shared a very mysterious kind of relationship. The couple was never open about their feelings or relationship with each other. It was only once when Walter had acknowledged about his closeness with Mariette. But he denied even that a decade later.

The couple met during Walter’s trip to Brazil. Like we mentioned before, they got close to each other at their very first meeting itself. It didn’t take much time to become inseparable. Given the fact that Walter was a famous astrologer, his relationship with Mariette made her famous too. She started receiving all the media and public attention she wanted.

Unlike other actresses and models, Mariette was never a media person. She always liked to maintain a very low profile. Even when she was with Walter, she didn’t interact with the media much. However, the couple was spotted at different locations together.

There was a time when they were so much into each other that Mariette even went on to international trips with him. They shared a long-lasting relationship that was pure and genuine. Walter once told a journalist that they share a spiritual relationship and that he may marry her in the future. He also said that marrying someone before God is more important than just signing a paper. In the same interview, he also said that he has always been waiting for someone like Mariette.

However, Walter changed his mind and even stopped acknowledging Mariette as his girlfriend after a few years. He even said that he has no one in his life. Well, no one knows who or what tore them apart as they never spoke about it in public.

Where is Mariette now?

After her breakup with Walter, one would expect her to come forward and say a word or two. But that didn’t happen. She never spoke about it to anyone.

Mariette is a different type of woman. Unlike others, she likes to keep herself low profile. She was never a media person, to begin with. However, she does have an Instagram profile.

Everything changed after Walter passed away in 2019 due to kidney failure. After his death, Mariette decided to disappear alongside him. We cannot say for sure what she is doing or where she is right now. There is no information available on her.

She is not only out of public sight, but she didn’t even take up any new roles. She didn’t even update her Instagram account either. Her last post was on her 50th birthday. Therefore, it is really hard to tell what happened to her.

Mariette is such a secretive person that there is hardly any information about available online. All we know about her is her time spent with Walter. But her personal life and everything else remains to be a secret. Now that she has disappeared completely, it is hard to tell where she is or what she is doing.

Before her disappearance, she was managing her life between Brazil and Miami. She was also focusing on her spiritual well-being. But after Walter passed away, it’s like even she decides to go vanish alongside him. All we can hope is that wherever she is, she is fine and doing well.

Mariette Detotto may not be a popular actress or model, but she always made the news because of her famous partner. Their mysterious relationship made the couple popular. After sharing a long-lasting relationship, everything is changed now. While Walter is no more, Mariette is no were to be seen.

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