Instagram Feature Update: New! Full-Screen Feed For Videos And Photos

Full-Screen Feed For Photos And Videos

Instagram is going full throttle towards moving images. The meta platforms have struggled to keep up with tape over the past few years, and the competitor platform TikTok has increased the pressure here and exacerbated Meta’s failures in recent years.

Now it’s official. Adam Mosseri confirms the test for a fullscreen Instagram feed. The full screen should significantly improve the user experience for video content. This measure underscores the Reels offensive and strengthens the video theme on Instagram.

Of course, the new presentation also affects photos. So if you haven’t been up to date with 9:16 content creation, you should do your homework here because verticals are here to stay. Everything on Instagram, in particular, is currently being optimized for mobile consumption, and the “Full-Screen Experience” is just the next step.

Once Upon A Time! More Links In Your Profile

Today, there is a profile and an external link, and that’s it!

Not surprisingly, Instagram is very cautious when it comes to external linking, and it would be best to stay on the platform itself and spend as much time as possible there. You can remember: Instagram was reluctant to allow all users to link external pages in the stories.

Just A Test With Potential

Of course, there is also the risk that the features will be exploited purely for promotional purposes. We’ve all been on the platform long enough to know how too many links ruin the user experience. Limitations sometimes have their advantages.

But now, there should probably be the first tests for more links in the Instagram profile. Our guest author Daniel Zoll is currently reporting on YouTube about this small but valuable extension.

We can well imagine the new feature for these scenarios:

  • Brands with the main domain and possible promotional pages
  • Creator with different collaborations
  • A media company with the latest breaking news and reports
  • Big brands with various sub-brands
  • A tourism service provider with several promotional offers

How would you use the opportunity to get more links?

Live moderation in Story is now possible!

A beneficial story feature! Anyone who regularly goes live on Instagram knows the problem: the comments rush in, and you can’t keep up. Overwhelmed, you then look at the smartphone screen and try to capture individual words. Zack, they’re gone again! For live interaction and user involvement, content creators, athletes, musicians, or large brands have previously required a lot of practice with live community management.

The complete focus is now on the performance in front of the Instagram live screen. Because now you can release the management of the comments. Just add your live presenter, and the person can then comment on your behalf and control the interaction.

What do you think of the new feature – is it helpful for you and your brand or business?

Design Beats Timeline: Edit Grid Feature On Instagram.

Aesthetics and design fans will be happy: while the Instagram feed becomes more chronological, the “Chronicle” is probably becoming more aesthetic. Some even speak of a “game-changer.” Confused Instagram world!

Instagram is testing an editable timeline. Maybe it will soon be possible to manually change the order of posts on the meta platform, which would be a thing!

First, back to the chronological feed and then a changeable timeline. According to a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, the order of Instagram posts can be rearranged as desired. That would make the classic Instagram memento album a thing of the past.

Sort Old And New Posts

The screenshots in his tweet show a button in the backend under “Profile Settings.” You can probably edit the grid of the posts via “Edit Grid.” It is then possible to rearrange the different posts using drag & drop.

Exciting! As with Pinterest or TikTok, you could leave the most critical Insta posts on the top line and sort them by relevance.

Be honest: Who has always wanted to rearrange their Instagram timeline? Or secretly deleted posts just because they don’t fit the profile so “nicely”?

Feel free to write in the comments whether Instagram loses any of its authenticity or whether this is an exciting new feature for you?

The chronological feed is coming back!

Perhaps you belong to the faction that is now sending a quick prayer to heaven because the Instagram feed is finally going back to chronological order!

Three feed options to choose from

We doubt whether the feeling of carefree times will return with the Instagram feature update. However, the first tests will be rolled out in the first half of 2022. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announces the feed change on Instagram and Twitter.

There should be three different options:

  • On the “Home” page, all posts are still sorted according to relevance using an algorithm.
  • The parallel “Favorites” feed shows saved accounts that can be browsed chronologically.
  • Via the third feed, “Following,” users can see the accounts’ posts they are currently following in chronological order.

There is news on Instagram. The network is constantly testing new features. Some stay, others disappear again. We collect the most exciting new Instagram features in this article to keep you up-to-date. The overview is just a selection of exciting innovations. Let us know in the comments if you want to learn more about one or the other Instagram feature!

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