How to Keep Your Online Banking Account Safe While Shopping Online

Doing your shopping online is one of the most common things to notice around the world. However, since it is money, it is important to choose the safe and proven method of making money transactions. The story of money being misused or online accounts hacked makes people take away from internet banking. While these stories are not a joke, there are ways you can use internet banking safely. You need to be aware of various tricks and threats that can compromise the security of your online banking transaction or your internet banking.

These days when everything is going online, online banking has also become a means of comfort and it is a blessing indeed. By using internet banking, you are free from the fixed time bank function and can carry out your transaction as required. It’s very practical and makes your life easier. With a secure online banking system, you can shop comfortably even while on vacation. But a tiny mistake can jeopardize your security and all of your money can go to the vein. So, here we are going to tell you some of the significant tips to help you manage your online bank account securely when shopping online.

Access Data

It is imperative that you protect your login details, which include your username and password. You need to avoid explicitly storing this data in your email ID or diary as this data can be hacked or stolen. Even the credential of your Publix passport and JCPenney card login is important to keep secure then you should also refrain from sharing your login credentials with anyone by phone or email.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You need to opt for the multi-factor authentication method in order to access your online account. This can be requested from your bank by making a request. With multi-factor authentication, there are several ways to verify that you are the correct owner of the account or not. Second, you can also specify that OTP (one-time passwords) should be used for every online transaction. This function generates a password for each transaction and sends the same to your registered mobile number, which is valid for some time and only one transaction. This will reduce the chances of your account being compromised by other people.

Safe Website

It is very important to identify which website is safe and which is not. Look carefully for websites with “HTTPS:” (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), which ensures the security of the server used by what are called sessions. You should never trust a website only with “HTTP” as this is no guarantee of the security of your transaction. Also, never try to access your online bank account on a public computer.

Hackers can access your bank account information in two ways: through phishing and by stealing your passwordA word of caution, never click on a link in an email that appears to look like an email from your bank.

Use Separate Browsers

Indeed, using the online banking system can be just as secure if you take the necessary precautions and maintain confidentiality. Shopping with the convenience of online shopping has never been as fun as it is now. So, now shop online with confidence.

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