Why George Clooney dread twins at 56?

New dad George Clooney isn’t shying away from talking about his experience. Ticket to Paradise star George Clooney, 61, said he was “scared” to find out he and wife Amal were expecting twins on Friday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. Having twins “wasn’t part of the plan,” he admitted afterwards.

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The actor and his wife Amal have been together for five years and have twins, Ella and Alexander, who are five years old.

This is why, at age 56, George Clooney was afraid to have twins:

The baby showed up at the routine 12-week checkup just well. Clooney looked at the picture of the kid and recalled the past. “ “It’s a boy,” the doctor exclaims. Adding, “And a girl,” my reaction was, “Wha?”

What a disastrous mess that turned out to be. When he asked me that, I responded, “Are you kidding me?” Continuing, the character continued. This is the most fascinating development of recent times. I was actually extremely terrified.

When host Drew Barrymore pressed Clooney for an explanation, the actor explained, “Well, I was 56 years old and that just felt dreadful to me.”

A month ago, Clooney and Amal appeared on CBS Mornings and admitted they had “made a bad error” in parenting their twins.

He proudly proclaimed, “We taught them Italian.” Obviously, though, we can’t communicate with you in Italian.

The actor said, “And now we’ve given them a voice with which to hurt us.”

When asked if the twins spoke Italian or French, Clooney replied, “I’m from Kentucky, English is my second language.”

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