What Is Elon Musk In Fresh Controversy?

Elon Musk, who owns Twitter, recently let a lot of people who had been banned from the social media site come back. As a result, ads for more than thirty brands, including big companies, have started to show up on the Twitter pages of white nationalist accounts.

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At least two white nationalists, Andrew Anglin and Patrick Casey, said they had been banned from their accounts. After Musk took over Twitter in late October, their accounts were recently turned back on. He saw tweets from Amazon, Snap, Uber, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that were paid for.

Elon Musk says that he is an “absolute free speech absolutist.”

Musk fired hundreds of Twitter employees as part of a huge effort to cut costs, including whole teams that were in charge of moderating the site’s content. It meant making sure ads didn’t show up on content that brands might find offensive. Musk, who calls himself an “absolutist on free speech.” He put up a poll on Twitter at the end of last month, asking people if he should bring back accounts that had not done anything wrong or sent spam. Last week, some of those accounts started to show up again on the site, and ads started to show up on the pages of some of those accounts. Elon Musk has recently turned the offices at Twitter’s main office in San Francisco into small bedrooms.

The fact that ads sometimes show up next to this kind of content is the latest problem Musk is having with Twitter advertisers. Many businesses have already stopped using it. But after Musk tried out a paid verification system for a short time. It led to a lot of accounts pretending to be celebrities, politicians, and big companies. Civil rights groups have asked for ads to stop running on the site. But it’s been said that Musk is no longer able to police it well.

On white nationalist pages, there are ads.

The Washington Post looked into this and found that about 40 brands had ads on pages for white nationalists. Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, a project led by Comcast and NBC to honour the history of people who fought for racial justice, it was one of them. Media companies like USA Today and Morning Brew were among the advertisers whose ads appeared on the pages.

Under white supremacist posts from accounts, there were also ads for brands. But it also had names like “No White Guilt Clips” and “White Power Ranger.” The latter had a picture of what looked like a Nazi officer with a Hugo Boss logo on it. It was a reference to the designer brand that has apologised for its part in the atrocities. But musk brought it back to life.

Source: Google Trend

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