Elizabeth Hurley says ‘was a nightmare’ working with Matthew Perry

While filming the series in the late ’90s and early ’00s, it was no secret that “Friends” star Matthew Perry battled substance misuse; in his new book, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” Perry speaks openly about his experiences.

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What was even more distressing was remembering the day that Jennifer Aniston, one of his co-stars, confronted him on set about his drinking issue. While Aniston wasn’t the only famous face to experience Perry’s issues, she wasn’t exactly in the clear either.

His big break came with the 2002 film “Serving Sara,” in which he co-starred with Elizabeth Hurley. Perry plays a process server who falls for Sara (Hurley) while serving divorce papers in the comedy.

Responding to a question from Yahoo! Entertainment, Hurley said that the film’s quality degraded because of Perry’s personal problems at the time of production.

When asked about working with him, she said, “It was a disaster at the time,” and went on to say, “As it turns out, our movie was delayed because of his addiction.”

Hurley followed by saying that it hurt to see her co-star struggle with addiction, but that he was still “gorgeous” despite his current situation.

She elaborated, “It was tough, and it was obvious that he was going through a bad phase, yet he remained charming and polite throughout. Still, his discomfort was palpable.

The shooting of “Serving Sara” was halted for two months when Perry went to rehab following the filming of the wedding between Chandler (Josh Radnor) and Monica (Courtney Cox) on “Friends.”

Consequently, Hurley and the rest of the crew had a lot of downtime on their hands. She went on to explain that the situation was so dire that they were forced to do nothing for a while.

After what he called a “tough” experience, the actor said Perry “was amazing” on set.

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