More Speed: DSL & LTE Are Faster Together

Is your internet connection too slow? Don’t you have more than 16 megabits per second at home available? Telekom offers you the opportunity to give your DSL connection a powerful boost in speed via LTE. With the Hybrid LTE option, you can use the mobile network for surfing and the wired connection. The interaction of the two technologies gets your Internet access going.

How does surfing via DSL and LTE work?

Ignite the wireless turbo for your landline connection: Telekom’s hybrid option combines your DSL bandwidth with the speed of the LTE mobile network. It also brings up to 300 megabits per second. That’s how fast Telekom’s LTE network is in well-developed regions.

To use a DSL line and LTE network for surfing simultaneously, you need a hybrid router such as the Speedport Pro. It combines both signals so you can surf faster at home and stream content in HD quality without any problems. The device is available for a one-time fee of 389.82 euros or as a rental model for 9.90 euros per month.

Who can use the Hybrid LTE option?

So far, Telekom is the only provider that has made it possible to combine the bandwidths of DSL and LTE for home Internet access. So to use the hybrid option and gain more speed for your Internet connection, you have no choice but to become a Telekom customer. There are four variants to choose from with the MagentaZuhause tariffs. Which ones are suitable for you depends on your location. Or, to put it better, it depends not only on your surfing behavior but also on the bandwidth available on your connection. You can add the hybrid LTE option to any Telekom DSL tariff to speed up your Internet access.

However, Telekom checks whether the cell phone at your residence provides sufficient power and capacity. Only when this is the case will the DSL tariff be supplemented with the LTE option. Since the number of users in the mobile network shares the performance of a radio cell, this can have an enormous impact on the download rate. The capacity of a cell is split between the users and their applications. If a radio cell is heavily used by many, the bandwidth available to each decreases accordingly. So if it’s foreseeable that you won’t be able to ignite the turbo, Telekom will not release the LTE option for your connection. That’s a good thing. After all, what’s the point of paying for an alternative that you can’t even use?

How much does the Hybrid LTE option cost?

Every new customer can speed up their DSL connection via LTE. For the Hybrid LTE option, Telekom usually charges 4.95 euros in addition to the monthly basic fee. In addition, there are 9.90 euros for renting the required hybrid router Speedport Pro.

If you can only order a small DSL tariff, Telekom is generous. If you book a MagentaZuhause XS or S tariff by June 30, 2022, you save the monthly fee for the Hybrid LTE option for the entire contract period. Therefore, the additional bandwidth via the mobile network is accessible on top of that. Only the costs for the hybrid router are incurred.

Who benefits most from the DSL-LTE combination?

An additional bandwidth of up to 300 megabits per second sounds tempting. But is the hybrid solution of DSL and LTE worthwhile for every landline connection? No, not. If a bandwidth of 50 megabits per second and more is available where you live, you are well prepared for regular private use. Streaming in HD quality is not a problem, even if other users are surfing the Internet simultaneously.

However, if you only have the MagentaZuhause S tariff with a download rate of 16 megabits per second, the hybrid LTE option is worth considering. If the mobile network at your place of residence has the appropriate capacity, you can surf the web much faster with the combination of DSL and LTE. In this way, you can also enjoyably stream HD movies. And thanks to the Telekom campaign at a comparatively low price.

Are you unsure whether the DSL-LTE combination would pay off for you? Feel free to use our DSL advice. Our tariff experts will clarify which bandwidths are available at your address and whether the mobile turbo is helpful for you in a personal conversation on the phone.

Get started right away and surf faster.

The combination of mobile and fixed networks is very easy for customers. The router for Internet at home even sets itself upon the Telekom connection. With just a few simple steps, your enjoyment of surfing increases. However, hybrid customers not only benefit from the higher speed but also increase connection security. If there is a problem with the fixed network, you can surf and make phone calls via the mobile web. This also benefits customers whose new connection has not yet been activated. With the Hybrid LTE option, you can still make phone calls and surf the web immediately. The mobile turbo for the fixed network can be canceled every month.

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