Learn How to Use Crying Obsidian in Minecraft

A new Nether snapshot was updated last year, and it introduced a brand-new block, i.e., crying obsidian. It drips and looks so cool. Here are ten creative ways to use crying obsidian in Minecraft 1.16. As it stands, you could currently only get this block by bartering with piglets. There is no crafting recipe. So, you better get to mining a bunch of gold, and luckily, that also spawns in the nether as well. Here’s how to use this enticing game element to enrich your gaming experience.

The Respawn Anchor

The only official use for crying obsidian is to combine it with Glowstone in a crafting bench. Six crying obsidian, to be exact, combined with three Glowstone, creates a special new block called the “Respawn Anchor.” This tool is used to set your Respawn in the nether. It will explode if used in the overworld or the end.

You can fuel it up with Glowstone for a maximum of four charges, and it will ensure that you don’t land all the way back in the overworld after a ghast ball catches you off guard. The light level of this block also changes when placing more Glowstone in, effectively making it a powered nether lamp.

Crying Obsidian Portal

Have you looked at the portal and think that it may need sprucing up a bit? The noises may be unattractive for many users. However, what if you can redecorate them. Grab some different nether blocks, including crying obsidian, and change up how the portal looks. You can’t currently craft the portal from crying obsidian, but you can surround the regular obsidian with it to make your portal drip and look far more alive.

Eerie Lighting Levels

There are all sorts of blocks that add lighting to your dark household corners. Furnaces are obscure ones, but when burning, they light up the area. Torches, Redstone torches, and even soul torches are now used to create well-lit or eerie atmospheres. But today, we are using crying obsidian. We bet no one could have imagined that a block of obsidian would be able to produce light. However, if you think about it, it is formed with lava, and that is another natural light source in Minecraft. Crying Obsidian is also only found in the nether where Glowstone naturally generates; this could mean that the block has a glowing natural property that may be genetic to many nether blocks.

Dripping Giveaway

Maybe “Crying Obsidian” will come in handy for a secrete purpose. What is the most secretive thing you know how to build in Minecraft? A hidden entrance. With those dripping particles being quite subtle and only noticeable to people who are looking for them, it means Crying Obsidian can be really useful for pointing out a location. Most things remain hidden because people just don’t look for them after all.

Create your base, deep in the walls of the nether, and then create a trail of crying obsidian in the roof. It will occasionally drop down, and if you ever get lost or need to find your base, you can just follow the particles all the way there.

Morning Drip

Let’s understand this with an example. It has been a while since you visited your good friend Steve and perhaps you should reignite your friend with a prank. Grab some more gold and get trading with piglins because you are going to need a lot of crying obsidian for this one. Now a regular block of crying obsidian on its own will trip pretty slowly, but if you stack them higher up, more drips will fall down at once, making it seem far more noticeable. Knowing this, you can find Steve’s house and create a giant 2D square of crying obsidian above his doorway. This should create a crazy black dripping effect, and as soon as Steve wakes up in the morning to get some fresh air, he will think it is raining black goo.

Leaf Blossoms

If you live messing with data packs so much, and since mods are such a popular thing in Minecraft, you should know how crying obsidian could be manipulated into one. Place down some crying obsidian and take a good look at what they remind you of. According to you, what could they possibly be retexture into? Maybe the polar opposite of its current form. It is dark, bleak, and dingy, so we should brighten it up. The dripping particles look like falling leaves. You could reimagine the crying obsidian as a blossoming leaf block with the particles resembling falling petals. This will look awesome.

Leaky Sewage

Here’s another way that the dripping particles of crying obsidian can be used. What else can you think of in the real world that is oozing in drips? – A sewage pipe. Like sewage, that waste has got to go somewhere after all, and if you want to bring your city builds or drainage systems to life, you should be using this block. It makes for a great leaking pipe that you can add to the side of more industrial areas or near a nuclear bunker.

Nether Spread

Players have had regular old nether portals rotting away in their basements for years with no signs of updates. Now that the nether update has finally arrived and the dimension has a makeover, there are many reasons to visit. This also means there is much more reason to dust off your portal and make it look nicer. Grab various nether blocks and some crying obsidian and branch them out from your portal to create your own little nether area as if the blocks from that dimension are seeping into the overworld and slowly spreading or to make your current nether portal stand out to avoid getting lost. The crying obsidian adds a great effect to this with the particles and ominous lighting.

Emotional Furniture

Furniture in real life doesn’t have feelings, but in this world where everything is made with Crying, Obsidian has feelings. While there’s no crying sound, the blocks do add some emotion to your interior and exterior. Because it’s a light source, you can use it in conjunction with the new nether woodblocks to create lamp posts. There are hundreds of Minecraft map post designs, but you might have never tried this one before. This would be better suited for inside the nether, but the option is always there if you want to bring a piece home with you.

The Creepy Spaceship

Your building technique might be a little abstract or genre-specific. If you are a fan of sci-fi, you might have built a rocket or two in the past. Well, the crying obsidian may come and be useful here. The dripping particles on the weird texture of the block make it look almost alien and definitely not of this world. You can build yourself a nice spaceship corridor and make it look infested like an unknown life-form has taken over and attacked the crew. You could even use this to scare Steve.

It is amazing how one new block can have so many new uses. If you have got any other ideas, how would you use crying obsidian? Let us know in the comment box. If you use our ideas to use Crying Obsidian, then tell us how did you like them. There are heaps of possibilities, and you can tell us here.

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