Using Azmovies is Legal or Illegal in 2021?

For watching movies, we have several well-known online streaming services. But many of us still prefer to download pirated content.

Downloading pirated movies and TV shows is a big problem. Although the government of many countries has banned pirated sites, they somehow still find a way to exist.

These pirated sites are going to stay as long as we don’t stop using them completely. As a user, we need to understand that downloading and watching pirated content takes a heavy toll on the entertainment industry.

Speaking of pirated sites and content, Azmovies is yet another name that is quite popular out there. It is a website that is known to leak movies fraudulently.

Many of you want to know whether it is legal or illegal to use Azmovies in 2021. In this post, we will answer all your questions.

What is Azmovies?

Azmovies, in simple words, is an illegal site that leaks movies fraudulently. Just like any other pirated site, it allows users to watch and download movies for free.

In the past, it has leaked many movies. This site is mainly known for its English movie collection. They have all categories and genres of movies available on the platform. The site allows you to download all the movies for free. No doubt, this sounds tempting to many as they can download as many movies as they want without paying a single buck.

Is Azmovies illegal?

If you want a short and simple answer, then yes, it is illegal to use Azmovies. It is a pirated site providing pirated content for free. Supporting pirated sites or consuming pirated content is considered to be illegal under the law. Despite that, many people still use this site.

Whether you use Azmovies in 2021 or any other year, it is always going to be illegal. As a responsible person, you should refrain from using such sites to support the entertainment industry.

What categories or genres of movies are available on Azmovies?

Azmovies provides a wide genre of movies. From horror to drama to romance, you can find all sorts of movies on the platform. They also have other categories including sci-fi, thriller, action, and sports. No matter, what genre movie you want to watch, it is available for free. The site doesn’t charge you a single penny to download movies from the platform. However, it is illegal to use this site.

Alternatives To Azmovies

As you already know Azmovies is a pirated site. It is because of this reason, the site is risky to use. If you don’t want to get in trouble, then it’s better to use some other site that is not illegal. We have listed below some of the best alternatives to Azmovies. These sites are completely legal and safe to use. However, you should know that they are not free. You need to subscribe to their monthly packages and only then you can access their content.

  1. Tubi TV

One of the most popular legal movie streaming sites online is Tubi TV. It is known to have a huge library of movies and TV shows. Name a movie and you are sure to find it on Tubi TV. This website relies on its partners to legally source digital rights to provide you with films and TV shows. But like we said, legal movie streaming sites are not available for free. Similarly, you will have to pay a price to access content on this platform.

  • Sony Crackle

When talking about the legal movie streaming site, we have to mention Sony Crackle. With a brand name like Sony to back up the site, they have formed partnerships with many big production companies to source their content. But unfortunately, Sony Crackle is not available worldwide. For now, it is only accessible in the US and Australia. But you can try your luck to access the site with the help of a VPN service.

  • Vudu

If you are a big movie buff, then you must have heard about Vudu. This is a very popular online movie streaming site. But you need to subscribe to its monthly subscription to watch all the content available. They provide high-quality content and also have a huge collection. You can find all types of movies and TV shows on this site. They also have a free section where you can find many popular titles.

  • IMDbFreedrive

IMDbFreedrive is one of the biggest online movie streaming sites you will find. With an endless collection of movies and quality print, IMDbFreedrive can make your weekends happy. To start streaming movies on this site, you need to first enable DRM (Digital Rights Management Tools). Along with that you also need to have an account on either of these platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IMDb.

  • Pluto TV

The next best alternative we have is Pluto TV. Although this is a popular movie streaming site, the only annoying thing is that the site has a lot of ads. You can stream 100+ TV channels on this site. Each of these channels has a lot of content to provide. Along with that, you can also find many on-demand movies on the platform. However, there is a very limited number of live TV channels.


Is Azmovies safe to use?

Although it is a pirated movie site, Azmovies is safe to use. It doesn’t pose any threat to your device’s safety.

Should you use Azmovies to download movies?

Downloading movies from a pirated site like Azmovies is considered illegal under the law. Therefore, it is better to avoid using such sites.

What type of movies you can find on Azmovies?

You can find all genres of movies on Azmovies. This may include action, horror, thriller, romance, comedy, and others.

Does Azmovies leak movies?

The answer to this is yes. Azmovies is known to leak movies fraudulently. It has leaked many movies in the past.


Azmovies is a pirated site offering movies for free. No doubt, we are all tempted to get free movies. But keeping the problem of piracy in mind, we should refrain from using such sites. By stopping to use of sites like Azmovies, we will be able to support the entertainment industry which is suffering huge losses because of piracy.

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