How to Fix Privacy & Safety Settings In

Privacy and security have become two important keywords in today’s digital world. The Microsoft Office account takes the users’ privacy and security into consideration. When a person wishes to review their privacy settings and change their security-related queries, they could very much do it with the help of the privacy and security settings available under Microsoft Office account settings.

What are the steps to follow to change the privacy and security settings of Microsoft Office? 

 These are the steps you need to follow to change the privacy and security settings of Microsoft Office. 

Step 1 

  • Visit the Microsoft Office Sign-in page using the following link 
  • Once you have logged into your account, you could see various tabs appearing. As you scroll down, you could see two separate tabs dedicated to privacy and security. 

Step 2

  • If you wish to change the privacy setting, click on the privacy setting tab and if you wish to change the security settings, click on the security settings tab.
  • When you click on both the tabs, you would be asked to reenter your password again as you would be changing sensitive information. 

What are the features you could find under the privacy settings of Microsoft Office? 

Once you try to sign in using your user ID and password, it would send a verification code either to your mail ID or to the phone number. You need to enter that code to enter into the privacy settings page of the Microsoft Office account. These are the various features one could find under privacy settings

  • Activity History
  • Download your data 
  • Cortana’s notebook
  • Ad settings 

The activity history is your browsing history and the various activities are performed using the products and services of Microsoft Office. Downloading data is when you could download the activities you had performed using the Microsoft Office applications. Cortana’s notebook is nothing but providing personalization in planning a schedule. It more or less acts like a calendar. The Ad settings are about asking the user preferences in displaying ads. 

What are the features you could find under the security settings of Microsoft Office? 

After entering the verification code and logging into one, could see the privacy tab on the top title bar. The next tab to the title bar is security settings. Under security settings, one could find the following features. 

  • Sign inactivity
  • Password security
  • Advanced Security Options
  • Securing your Windows 10 account 

 The sign-in activity is provided to ensure that there is no suspicious login activity. The password security feature is provided to add security features to your password. Some suggestions to improve the strength of the password are provided. Advanced security options like locating your device with the help of your MS account are also provided. 

These are some of the features and as you click on every feature, you could make the required changes. It is quite essential to be aware of the privacy and security features offered by Microsoft Office applications for surfing through the net and expect securing your data.

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