Opening Doors Of Possibility AIUB Scholarship Commitment To Accessible Education

Aiub Scholarship Introduction

The American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) offers various scholarships and financial aid programs to support students in pursuing higher education. As the leading private university in Bangladesh, AIUB aims to reward academic excellence and increase access to quality education.

Types Of AIUB Scholarship

AIUB provides scholarships in several categories:

Merit-Based Scholarships

These scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement in public exams.

SSC and HSC Scholarships

Students who achieve A+ in both SSC and HSC exams are eligible for up to 100% tuition waiver in the first semester. The scholarship amount varies based on the number of A+ grades obtained.

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Freshmen Merit Scholarship

This is awarded to incoming students based on SSC and HSC results, covering 10% to 50% of the first semester’s tuition fees. The higher the grades, the bigger the scholarship percentage.

Need-Based Scholarships

Need-based scholarships aim to make AIUB accessible for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Socio-Economic Scholarship

This offers a tuition fee waiver ranging from 25% to 100% for students from low-income families, prioritizing orphans and disabled students. Selection is based on academic records and family financial capacity.

How To Apply Aiub Scholarship

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

Meet the minimum CGPA, credit, and other academic requirements as set for the specific scholarship you are applying for.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents

  • Updated transcript/grade report
  • Income statements of parents/guardians
  • Disability certificate (if applying for disability scholarship)

Step 3: Get the Application Form

Download the scholarship application form from the AIUB website or collect a hard copy from the Registrar’s office.

Step 4: Fill Out the Application Form

Provide accurate details and information as required in the application form.

Step 5: Attach Necessary Documents

Attach documents like transcripts, income statements etc. as required for supporting your application.

Step 6: Submit Your Application

Submit the completed scholarship application form along with attached documents through your official Microsoft Teams account within the deadline.

Step 7: Appear for Interview (if called)

If shortlisted, you may be called for an interview by the scholarship committee. Prepare well to increase your chances.

Step 8: Check Application Status

Login to your AIUB student portal after some days to check the application status.

I hope these steps give you a clear overview of how to apply for an AIUB scholarship. Let me know if you need any other details or have additional questions.

Renewal Of Aiub Scholarships

Recipients need to maintain academic performance standards set by AIUB to continue receiving scholarship benefits in subsequent years. The university reviews eligibility criteria annually for existing scholars.

AIUB scholarships make quality higher education affordable to students from all socioeconomic groups. Students must submit their applications accurately and completely to get considered for these awards. With over 375 scholarship recipients yearly, AIUB aims to be a doorway of possibilities for all deserving candidates.


American International University-Bangladesh sees great value in nurturing young talent and leadership through accessible and high-quality education. To make this vision into reality for financially constrained students, AIUB offers a range of comprehensive scholarships across academic excellence, co-curricular contribution, diversity, social impact and financial need. By qualifying for and renewable AIUB scholarships, students can fund their university expenses in a manageable way and concentrate on positively impacting the community. The application process requires planning, meeting eligibility criteria, submitting documents correctly and patience. For aspiring students who shine with capability but lack opportunities, AIUB scholarships can be the decisive intervention that helps construct their career and life trajectory. These grants represent the university’s commitment to developing responsible citizens who uplift society through social and economic empowerment.

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