Can I Activate Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Roku?

Showtime Anytime activate

We are slowly transitioning from the television age to the age of streaming websites and apps. The rising number of streaming apps and sites is a clear indication that more people are subscribing to these services.

There are uncountable numbers of streaming services available online. Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, or live sports, you can watch it all on these streaming websites and apps. Every streaming site and the app comes with their own monthly and annual subscription packages.

Speaking of streaming apps and sites, Showtime Anytime is a popular option out there. It is an app that allows you to enjoy unlimited access to award-winning original movies, series, and sports. It is compatible with Roku, Streaming Player, Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, iOS, Kindle Fire, Xbox One, and Android. You can access the app for free with your Showtime subscription. If you want Showtime Anytime to activate on any of these devices, then you are in the right place.

What is Showtime Anytime?

Showtime Anytime is an app available as a part of Showtime subscription through participating TV providers. If you have a Showtime subscription, then you can access the app for free.

Showtime Anytime allows you to gain instant access to award-winning original series, movies, and much more. You can also watch what’s currently going live on the app. With Showtime, you can watch series and movies at any time and from any place you want while in the U.S. Make sure that you are using a supported device to access the app.

How to activate Showtime Anytime on Amazon Fire Stick?

Showtime Anytime can be accessed from your Amazon Firestick. If you are looking for the steps to complete the process, we have got your back. The steps are simple and easy to follow. All the details are listed below for your help.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is download the Showtime Anytime app on your Amazon Firestick.
  2. Open the app. 
  3. Once the app is open, you need to sign in using your login credentials. Make sure you enter everything correctly.
  4. Now follow all the instructions that are shown on the screen. If you are not subscribed yet, do it now so that you can access your favourite content.
  5. Once you get your subscription, you can access all the shows any time from your supported device.

Just to let you know, you will be billed via your Amazon account. Hopefully, the steps are clear to you. Make sure that you perform all the steps correctly.

How to activate Showtime Anytime on Apple TV?

Those who have Apple TV would love to watch Showtime Anytime on their respective Apple TV. But for that, you need to first activate the app on your Apple TV. We have laid down the steps in detail.

Here is what you have to do:

  1. First, you need to open your Apple TV and access the Showtime Anytime channel.
  2. Next, select a program that you want to watch and press the “Play” or “Activate” option.
  3. In these steps, you need to pick your TV or streaming provider from the given list.
  4. Note down the activation code that is shown on the screen.
  5. Now open the browser on your PC and visit the official website of Showtime Anytime.
  6. Follow all the instructions as shown on the screen.
  7. Sign in to your account using your credentials for your satellite or TV provider account.
  8. Now you need to enter the Apple TV activation code that you wrote down previously.
  9. You will be shown a success message on the screen. Once you see that can go back to your Apple TV and start watching any shows and movies on Showtime Anytime.

Well, that’s all you have to do to activate Showtime Anytime on your Apple TV.

How to activate Showtime Anytime on Roku?

Now that you already know how to activate Showtime Anytime on Amazon Firestick and Apple TV, let’s talk about Roku. Showtime Anytime is also supported by Roku. For your convenience, we have laid down the steps below.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. First, make sure that your Roku is activated.
  2. At this point, you need to check your web organizer.
  3. Now visit connect and login into your Roku account and then go to the Roku channel store.
  4. Open your web browser and visit
  5. You need to click on the “include channel” to activate the Showtime Anytime channel.
  6. Turn on your Roku and go to the “Home” screen.
  7. Then, go to Settings and then to framework alternative and then System Update and finally to Check Now.
  8. Next, you need to visit the channel store and find Showtime Anytime channel.
  9. Now click on the included channel.
  10.  You should be able to access on your Roku channel list.
  11.  You need to dispatch the Showtime Anytime channel to get your channel code.
  12.  Go to your desktop and type showtime
  13.  Then click on the Roku Registration alternative.
  14.  Now type in your Showtime Anytime code in the given space.
  15.  Select the Add button.
  16.  After a few minutes, your Roku will automatically refresh naturally and you will be able to access your Showtime Anytime app.

The steps to activate the Showtime Anytime app on Roku are a bit more complex than the other ones. However, if you follow all the steps carefully, then you should be able to complete the process easily.

Showtime Anytime is just like any other streaming app. Once you subscribe to Showtime, you can access the app for free. This will allow you to watch all original series, movies, comedy specials, and much more. The best thing about Showtime Anytime is that it is supported by most of the majority platforms and operating systems.

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