A List Of Health Remedies You Can Try At Home

Whether it’s a family tradition or something we’ve read in a magazine, the majority of us have turned towards home remedies to take things into our own hands at some point in time. Where we can help ourselves feel better and ease our symptoms without the need to rely on pain medication, many of us start by testing old wife’s tales to see if they really do work or if it’s just a myth. We’ve pulled together a handful of tried and tested home health remedy ingredients which you can try out for yourself, enhancing your lifestyle with more natural methods.


Being extracted from the cannabis plant without the THC that causes the ‘high’ feeling, CBD is rapidly growing in popularity among consumers of all ages. There are a variety of benefits which can be gained from CBD, including a good night’s sleep, natural pain relief and reduced symptoms of anxiety. Area52.com stock CBD in a variety of formats such as oil, chewable gummies and even vape juice so you can try CBD at home in a way that suits you.


Being a home remedy used for generations, the powerful properties of lavender are a timeless classic. Research has shown proven results for helping with sleeping, anxiety and headaches, helping the body unwind so you can relax fully. Whether you grow your own lavender plant or try it as an oil, there are various ways to inhale the lavender to feel the benefits.


Another home remedy dating back centuries is turmeric, offering medicinal purposes that can reduce pain naturally. The spice is especially known for its anti-inflammatory purposes, being an effect ingredient for those with inflammation related aches and pains. There are various recipes which you can try out at home as well as turmeric supplements which make an easy and convenient alternative for those looking for quick results.

Vitamin C

It is no secret how powerful vitamin C can be, bringing a whole host of benefits to the body. Many people run for the oranges and vitamin C supplements as soon as they feel the symptoms of a cold, reducing the bunged up feeling and helping their body recover quicker. There are numerous foods which are high in vitamin C which can contribute towards the recommended two grams a day or alternatively, supplements can be used as an alternative.

Aloe vera

Being one of the most powerful natural ingredients, the aloe plant can be used directly onto the skin. By cutting open the leaf, the gel inside offers effective results for the skin, known for calming irritation and helping with burns. Although medical treatment will be required in serious cases, aloe vera is great for its soothing properties which can reduce the pain externally.


Ginger and honey is a common go to for those feeling under the weather, but there is so much more potential. Ginger helps the body break down food and works within the gut to reduce feelings of nausea and sickness, being a natural remedy for those with an unsettled stomach.

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