Scottrade Minimum Balance to Open a new account & Maintain Interest


The minimum balance for a Scottrade account is $0 on a No-Interest bearing checking account to keep the account active. To open a no-interest Scottrade account the minimum balance is $100 with no monthly maintenance fee. Read more on their site here:

What is Scottrade?

Scottrade allows trading of stocks and caters to investors who with to trade etf funds or are investing for the long term. Scottrade is our broker of choice due to low fees and no minimums in terms of trades, balance maintained or monthly fees. This means 0 inactivity fees or monthly maintenance fees on your brokerage account. Instead commissions are only paid when you place a trade to buy or sell a stock.

The Platform

The scottrade platform is used the world over by traders online to manage their accounts, their retirement IRA’s, dividend stocks and reinvestment portfolios.


We compared and reviewed other brokers and platofrms who may advertise commission-free offers but charge customers  monthly maintenance fees or demand a large amount of your money is kept in the account so they can earn interest. A credit check may be done on your financial history.


You always have access to your money and yoru original deposit is kept safe. Depending on the product you choose to trade you may want access to a margin account, for example to trade penny stocks, these have higher requiremenets as the margin and leverage increase risk in your account, these are only for the most aggressive greedy day trader and not needed for retiremnet accounts where shares are held for years.

Financial Products

The S&P futures (SPY stock) trade in a series of fractional points, with each trade called a contract (or lot) and can be traded on the scottrade browser-based platform supported by the Chrome browser. It has accurate capabilities and meets the requirements of rookie and professional investors.

The platform also features, drag-and-drop rates at a glance, charting securities, streaming quotes,

Trade stocks and blue chip companies on the NASDAQ such as AAPL, MSFT, the QQQQ etf index, vanguard funds,

Better than Morningstar or Ameritrade or any brick-and-mortar exchange, throw away the pink-sheet and reinvest your time navigating the advanced charting platform at a deep-discount brokerage such as Scottrade. They stand out as an industry-leading lowrisk broker with investor-education

Investors Education

Regular educational webinars and newsletters may be on offer to help rookie intraday losing traders increase their knowledge of finance and try an objective analysis the markets. Insights about buying or staying in a cash position help clients and stockbrokers glance at information such as the recent interest rates hike by Icahn and avoid overtrading.

Hidden Fees

No annual charges, a variety of platforms, tiered commission structures for qualifying customers.

The ability to trade bonds from financial institutions on the open market, the cost in dollars and cents with other brokers starts to add up. Avoid panic of unnecessary charges for post-hours trading which is seen as riskier.

Let your investment appreciate over time and minimise your outgoing costs.

Even for professional-level qualified investors with diversified live accounts losses are inevitable, with the best easy-to-use tool from Reuters.

Accounts are FDIC insured to keep your money safe until you retire, watch the conditions of the market and your account performance appreciating over time. Dividend-paying stocks make a great investment as to exchange-traded funds, beat wallstreet, avoid overtrading and backtesting equities, don’t base their poor performance on the market plunge

An edge in trading is essential, need accurate data is a requirement to trade options or penny stocks. Beginners will avoid loss on call and put options.


Investment in Mutual funds are flexible, secure and can provide a good rate of return. Automatically reinvested dividends make these a tax efficent way to manage your savings from home or offices. A fund is run by sophisticated investors evaluating the risk on their portfolio and conducts all the trade analysis for you


Learn to calculate your risk using a program such as excel, risk management begins in the research stage of an idea


Trade options or stocks and invest in your future, take up scottrade on their offer of regular email statements.



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